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The European ROTTEN Mark Twain Riverboat

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  • The European ROTTEN Mark Twain Riverboat

    SHAME ON DISNEYLAND PARIS ! (These images are NOT fake)

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    Credits : XeiTo from

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    Is it not being repaired?


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      Its so sad that the mark twain has been left to rot. DLP has a fantastic frontierland and more traffic on the river would make it even better, or if they dont want to run two boats it would make a nice restaurant or meet and greet local


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        It is said to be beyond repair. Tom Wolber mentioned there was no fund available for it to be rebuild, but is was being investigated for the "future" (budget). Until now there is no news on its future. Such a shame for the park, but it shows from how far the resort has to come to be on par with Disney standards. The resort had trouble keeping up and had to scrape money form budgets year after year to survive. Luckely time has changed that a bit, but it is shamefull it had to come this far. In my opinion many parts of the park are beautiful, but various parts need to get the attention and the maintance is better but still an issue. The park is becoming better, but isn't better yet. Another example was when I did Autopia and the arch to the car maintenance was not only broken, but completely rotten. Still lots of work need to be done. However, the freshness of the new path the resort entered is a good one.


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          Quel dommage. C’est terrible.

          Hopefully now that Disney has taken full ownership of the park, things will get better. Things like this are bad for their reputation. Tony Baxter must be p*****!
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            On our recent visit they had the Mark Twain in the "back port" and completely covered up and hidden. You wouldn't even know it was back there. No idea if they are doing anything with it, or if it's just sitting there hidden under framed tarp rotting some more.

            From what I've read online, Disney had a lot of things like this when they fully took over the park. They did a great job giving the park a workover, as it looked gorgeous in March. But with the numbers of things they've had to work on, I can sadly understand why the Twain had to be left out- at least for a while and maybe longer. It looks like a major major work, or completely replacement, and unlike many areas it is easy enough to hide until they decide what to do and have the funds to do it after fixing up so much of the rest of the park.