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Questions about upcoming trip- parking, food, etc

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  • Questions about upcoming trip- parking, food, etc

    So I recently found out that I'm going to Disneyland Paris in just over a month! I'm excited, but lots of questions. I have a friend that is paying for all of the tickets, hotels, etc. so I'm pretty much locked in with what they've already paid for. But it brings up a few questions:

    I'm flying into CDG airport, where I'm picking up a rental car and then driving to our hotel. We're booked at the Residence du Parc Val d'Europe, at 2 rue Edouard Buffard, Montevrain, which is NOT actually in Val d'Europe but down the road just a bit- thus why were are stuck with the rental car instead of being able to take the train. In reading reviews of the hotel and it's shuttle, I've come to the conclusion that the shuttle bus to and from the park is not a good option. So I'm trying to decide if we're better off driving in and parking at Disney itself or stopping halfway, which would be the real Val d'Europe, parking there and taking the train in. Any idea what the parking costs are at each, and which might be easier? Also would it be the same parking lot for the train as it is for the large mall there?

    I've also read a lot of mixed reviews on the food in the park. which would you suggest is the preferred method of eating (we might have a couple of picky eaters but I'm not sure) making our own sandwiches/ lunches and taking them in? Eating in the park? Leaving the park and eating at Disney Village?

    We'll be there a week and a half, and are buying season passes that will allow us weekdays in the park, so will probably go into Paris itself on the Saturday and Sunday we are there. Any suggestions, hints or things that we should be aware of would be most helpful. Thanks!