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Disney Paris during the weeks of Christmas?

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  • Disney Paris during the weeks of Christmas?

    My husband and I are going to be in Paris over Christmas, so December 21-30, and I’ve read that Christmas Eve is the bigger day for French families so therefore it wouldn’t be too crowded at the parks.... I guess what i’m really wondering is how crazy the park is during this week in December... is there a better day to go? Thanks!

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    Ive been at the parks around Xmas (I believe around the 22nd and on the 24th) and it was pretty manageable (I mean, 10 minutes for Space Mountain) and BTMRR was a walk-on. Both days there was freezing rain so that may have contributed to it - but I find that Xmas is nowhere nearly crowded or popular a time to go to DLP for the Europeans. In my opinion, you should be totally fine, and if you want it to play extra safe, go on a weekday like a Tuesday or Thursday