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What is going on with Phantom Manor?

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  • What is going on with Phantom Manor?

    What is going on with Phantom Manor and why is it taking so long to complete the refurb? Does anyone have an estimated time of completion??? Because, as of right now, it is going into the beginning of May! I thought it was to completed by Jan! What is going on?
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    I posted about this some time ago. The original refurbishment and plussing should have been ready for October 2018 ( and was almost complete as some teasers showed last summer). My theory is that they found some severe structura damage in the process (i.e. heavy structural rotting) that lead to an indefinite closure (which, with the years of neglect in DLP maintenance, is possible). Hopefully it will re-open by your visit! Theyve been pretty vague about a re opening date!