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  • New Phantom Manor

    I’m mostly happy with the changes Disney has done with this attraction. I’m not sure how I feel replacing he score in the Madam Leota and Ballroom scene with the original Haunted Mansion score, quite jarring in styles.
    Jeff Wayne

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    I haven't been to Disneyland Paris yet (first trip coming this summer), but I've watched the side-by-side comparison video of the old and new versions. To me, the changes seem relatively minor, and it seems that it will have the same basic feel of the original version. As a US Disney park veteran, I kind of like hearing a bit of the music from the original state-side attraction, but maybe I'd feel different if I had ridden Phantom Manor before the changes.
    All I can say is it is the attraction I'm most looking forward to in France's park.

    No matter where you go, there you are.


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      I experienced PM yesterday during soft opening for Annual Pass holders. Overall I loved it, it is still the Phantom Manor we love!


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        Disneyland Paris has just put the old ballroom music back ! No more Haunted Mansion music !


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          Hello there. The book "Phantom Manor: The Decrypted Attraction" will be released soon.

          It will be on sale next Wednesday for 19.99€ at Thunder Mesa Mercantile Building shop in Frontierland (and soon on ShopDisney french website).

          * Purchase limited to 2 copies per transaction.

          [INSIDEARS] Vous l'attendiez ? Le livre "Phantom Manor : l'attraction décryptée" sera en vente dès mercredi prochain au prix de 19.99€ à la boutique...


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            I experienced the newly refurbished Phantom Manor 3 times last month. The only minor disappointments for me were:
            1. that Madam Leota’s room seems to be nothing but her stationary ball,
            2. and the ballroom scene seems to have less going on that Disneyland’s--no ghosts flying in the window, and the duelers in the pantings are now found in the hallway as you walk from the stretching room to the Doombuggies.
            3. If I remember correctly there are now three unmoving paintings of the young bride before we see her in the attic. Yawn.

            Still this is one of my all-time favorite attractions!


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              The best part of the refurbished Manor for me was the awesome pictures inside the stretching room and the excellent visual effects from the stretching room to the boarding platform and the beautiful storm scene outside the window at the top of the stair case where you board the boom buggies. But it’s quite an impressive refurbishment. Makes the Magic Kingdom one look dated already. My only disappointment was... no hatbox ghost.


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                The reason why Leota didn't float in Phantom Manor is because the table have a swirling motion and i've heard that WDI doesn't really like to make things fly anymore for safety reasons. And the Hatbox Ghost isn't there because he didn't fit in the story of the ride.
                The new effects are amazing as well as the new Phantom audio animatronic at the end. His moves are so fluid we could believ he will come and get us. The glowing eyes looks better irl than on video. There's just a thing i find weird: the mayor (recycling Paul Frees ghost host audio) says 'Beware of Hitchhiking Ghosts'...and there's no Hitchhiking Ghosts - so this makes no sense.


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