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  • Great visit to DLP

    I don't usually post here, but since this DLP forum gets so little activity, I figured I'd share my trip from a few weeks ago. For some context about me, I grew up going to Disneyland in California, and this was my first time visiting a Disney park outside of Anaheim.

    I did a one day park hopper on a weekday at the end of May, and I found that was more than enough time to do everything on my list. Some of my favorite attractions were Phantom Manor, Big Thunder Mountain, and Pirates. Even though these were pretty similar to their DLR counterparts, there were enough differences to make them unique in their own way. I especially appreciated Phantom Manor as it injected the Haunted Mansion with more of a story. I thoroughly enjoyed many of the walk through attractions, like Alice's Curious Labyrinth, the Nautilus, and Adventure Island. The dragon under the castle was especially fun!

    Hyperspace mountain I enjoyed, but after seeing Defunctland's video on From the Earth to the Moon, I was a little disappointed by everything it wasn't. I also was not super enthused by the Indy roller coaster.

    In Walt Disney Studios, I definitely enjoyed some of the rides, like Rock n Roller Coaster, Remy's Ratatouille Adventure, and Crush Coaster, but compared to the Disneyland park, the general themeing of WDS left a lot to be desired. I also did not enjoy the 'backlot' tour; the effects scenes were cool, but the rest felt long and pretty dull in comparison. I get that there isn't actually a back lot in WDS Paris to tour, but I thought they could have done a little more especially for such a long ride.

    One thing that shocked me at first was that they only had one fireworks show and it wasn't until 11:00pm. It turns out, Paris in the summer does not get dark until 11, so that was really the earliest they could do a fireworks/projection show.

    Overall though I had a great day and look forward to visiting again!

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    Thank you, Bored Now!


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      Good trip report. I’m heading to Disneyland Paris in early July, so this really helped support my anticipation leading up to that trip.

      No matter where you go, there you are.


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