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  • Disneyland Paris Shopping

    I just took my first trip to Paris Disneyland Resort. I usually frequent the original Disneyland in Anaheim, as i live in California. I guess i just have a question for the regulars at the Paris park... where do you buy merch? I literally had a pocket of cash to burn but i found the merch to be terrible. Where are the pins? Where is the men’s clothing?! I looked at so many different shops and found nothing really. I then decided on a black men’s spirit jersey to find they sold out everywhere in Medium. I asked and they told me it was very popular and sold out everywhere. I find it weird with obvious demand that there is such little amounts of merch compared to the parks in the states. Is there a reason for this? Or did i miss everything? Also why is there only a single black color of the spirit jerseys available in Paris? We have tons in the states. Was kinda bummed i couldn’t bring home more since i doubt I’ll be able to make my way to Paris anytime soon again.

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