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Disneyland Paris Sept. 2019 Trip Report


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  • Disneyland Paris Sept. 2019 Trip Report

    After a rough summer I figured I deserved a few days in DLP. It is my "local" park now, and seeing how it doesn't get a lot of love and attention, I figured I would share some of the great things about it. First I do have to say, that the park isn't reaching its potential, lots of closed restaurants and shops, and a lack of the little extra atmospheric performers and elements that make California and Florida so remarkable. Though it seems a lot of that is being cut across the board.

    However, for pure atmosphere and exploration, the right hand of Disneyland Park is stupendous. I know everyone loves Discoveryland, but Adventureland and Frontierland in this park are astounding. Main Street, too, is really fun to just peruse the details of these places. It was great fun to be there on my own, taking my time to enjoy a park that is relatively quiet. Though they are in dire need of some more attractions, especially in the Studios. We will see how the new lands over in the smaller park help.

    In the end I decided to get an annual pass, I will come back in the spring when the Rail Road is open again. One of the surprising highlights was overwhelming details in the restaurants, and I hope to come back and explore them when more of them are open.

    Here are some photos, for those of you who haven't made it over here yet.

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    Thank you for posting the pictures. We appreciate all news from the non-US theme parks.


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      Originally posted by photomatt View Post
      thank you for posting the pictures. We appreciate all news from the non-us theme parks.
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      Soaring like an EAGLE !


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