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Disneyland Paris aerial view


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  • Disneyland Paris aerial view

    Sorry, I couldn't find credit for this picture, but this aerial view of Disneyland Hotel and Main Stree USA is stunning!
    Click image for larger version

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    It is so nice! This is maybe how it looks right now. It is dull and empty due to Covid-19. But it is the best thing to do...close to avoid the spread of virus.


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      Why are backstage areas photoshopped so dark?
      Dear Peoplemover Fans, If you want to see a new attraction that at least mimics the 1967 Peoplemover in a future Tomorrowland remodel, you need to write to the powers-that-be, and let them know. If you don't - Then the next time Tomorrowland is remodeled, you will see a land barren of any "Peoplemover" type attraction.


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        Sometimes I think that Parisian Disneyland looks better than a one from Anaheim, hah. I think that after covid lockdown will pass away, my first air flight ticket would be to Paris. I think to order ticket in business class by using any online service, like this ( here: ), cause I've been using it, and can be sure that my trip will be guaranteed.
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          The Anaheim park is my home park. And it's where I spent 10 years as an Attractions Cast Member. It will always be my favorite as it's the only one that Walt ever walked in. It's just super special, even if it is smaller, and the "resort" nature pales in comparison to the others.

          Paris though, I agree, was a beautiful park. My friend and I enjoyed it immensely when we were there a few years ago.


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