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    In this BREAKING Disney News Update we talk the newly-announced Disney Premier Access FastPass Replacement coming to Disneyland Paris, a strong foreshadowing...

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    We are thinking of going to DLP end of December. I'm assuming that we will have to suck it up and pay for fastpasses in order to enjoy this once in a lifetime trip for us... ugh


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      ELD, I feel your pain. It is a really disappointing move, maybe it will encourage people to ride once and then that's it, and the stand by lines will be shorter or keep people away from the park all together.

      I was there a few weeks ago, after they had removed all fast passes, but before this premiere access stuff. There were no real shows or parades to pull the crowds away, so even a light day felt busier than it really was. However, since there were no fast passes to stop the flow of there regular queues, that means there were times in the afternoon where things like Peter Pan or Big Thunder Mountain had a relatively short 20 minute wait or so. If people don't want to pay the 8-15€ for a Fastpass, perhaps that will create a more leveled out experience. Maybe by December shows and parades will help pull people away from rides. But around Christmas is Ragnarok, so who knows?

      At any rate, make your restaurant reservations, and if Cafe Agrabah is still doing table service instead of Buffet, steer clear.


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        Thanks for sharing your experience. I hope it gets improved. Besides my niece is a fan of real shows - dont want to disappoint her.


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          So how is "Premiere Access" working out at Disneyland Paris?

          In America, Rise of the R. is the only attraction I'd be attempted to use this on, & then only if it weren't too expensive.
          And possibly the Soarin' over Avatarland at the AK park.


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