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DL Paris - last week of December


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  • DL Paris - last week of December

    Hello -

    We are planning on a week long trip to Paris the end of December. My daughter (turning 13 - this is her big present going to Paris) has been dreaming of a visit to Disneyland Paris ever since she saw the imagineering story on Disney+. We are thinking just one day - probably just the Disneyland park. Because we won't be staying onsite we obviously won't get Magic Hour.

    Anyone here been to the park at Christmas time? Is it as packed crazy as Disneyland in Anaheim? Should we assume that we have to do the paid fast passes to enjoy the park...

    Is it easiest to take the train in? Private car service?

    And favorite sit down restaurants in the park? Review of Ratatouille?

    Is it worth it to end the day at the Marvel hotel in the bar?

    Because we have to reserve our ticket I'm a tad concerned about the weather / changing plans if it's nasty out. We are from Seattle so somewhat hardy! But can't imagine it would be a blast if it's a downpour. Advice is appreciated.

    Thank you in advance!

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