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Trip Report 10th December - 14th December (on its way)


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  • Trip Report 10th December - 14th December (on its way)

    ***Now updated with full trip report and pictures!***

    I will update this thread very soon with a detailed trip report and photos, but work is crazy busy right now - Christmas of course!

    I did however get to ride TOT on a weekday, which I didn't think was happening - I thought testing was only occuring at the weekends?

    check back here soon!
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      Re: Trip Report 10th December - 14th December (on its way)

      Sorry for the long delay! My TR will still come! as soon as possible...


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        Re: Trip Report 10th December - 14th December (on its way)

        Sorry for the long delay, but here finally is my trip report with photos.
        Work has just been so crazy over christmas etc so only just managed to get around to writing this up!

        so here goes...

        Monday 10th December

        My family had some vouchers for Leger travel, so we travelled to Disneyland paris via coach - which was pretty harrowing and reminded me how much I dislike long haul coach trips!
        The group was my mum and dad, myself and my girlfriend.
        We boarded at about 10am and didn't arrive at our hotel until around 11pm local time!

        We were staying on-site at the Newport Bay Club, with two adjoining rooms.
        Upon arrival, our coach driver checked us in, but didn't get our keycards! So we had to queue up again at the concierge desk to get the keys! Not Disney's fault, but the coach driver didn't get a tip, lets say that.

        Our rooms were about as far from the lobby as possible and it seemed like a trek to and from breakfast every morning! But the rooms themselves were very nice and my parents' room had a balcony overlooking the lake, which was very cool to have.

        Anyway, it was an early night for all after such a long trip and we had all eaten at a motorway rest-stop, so didn't even venture back downstairs.

        Tuesday 11th December

        The Magic Kingdom has early opening everyday this week for hotel guests, but after the coach trip last night, we didn't manage to get there for 8am.
        Had breakfast in the Cape Cod restaurant and it wasn't too crowded - but by the time we were leaving it was chaos, so were vowed to never have a late breakfast!

        Made it to the park about 15 minutes before the general public was let in, so had a nice little stroll around Main Street, where the Christmas decorations were everywhere. I liked them a lot - never been to any Disneyland at this time of year, and it made a really nice change to see it like this - loved the Snowmen along the train platform!

        Found the Disney speech and dedication plaques, which i have never looked for in the park before - but its good to know they are present in every park I've been to.
        The tree was gigantic, and as you will see later, it all looked fantastic lit up.

        Even city hall donned some festive colours

        Made our way into Fantasyland and did a circuit of all the dark rides - which I love, despite the French language, and high speed - surely Pinocchio and Snow White (terrifying!) would be better at a lower speed? just to take it all in requires repeat riding - like the smell of popcorn in the carnival area of the Pinocchio ride - I never noticed that before!
        After going on Peter Pan, which seemed darker than usual and the London city lights were hard to make out, we passed Toad Hall restaurant and i - as usual - bemoaned the fact there is no Mr Toads' wild Ride at DLRP. It would make sense, what with the European heritage of the story, but alas, it is not to be

        I absolutely loved Belle's Christmas market - its just a shame most of what was on sale was homogonised Disney stuff, and not enough Christmas merchandise. The toffee apple and gingerbread stand was great though - got a santa shaped gingerbread.

        Didn't do many of the big rides on day 1 - took it easy and did most of the smaller attractions, and we checked on Woodys' Roundup - now occupied by Santa Claus - but that didn't stop Stinky Pete!

        Also managed to catch the mini-parade which runs several times a day "Disney characters express".
        Which is, frankly, awful.
        A train with as many suit characters as possible crammed on board, circling main street.
        I'm sorry to say this, but very unimaginative and boring.
        I suppose it allows the kids a chance to see lots of their favourite characters at once, but its kinda lame.

        So, it got dark pretty early and the lights started to come on, and I thought the lights in the park were really well done - got me in the Christmas mood early!

        We caught Fantillusion and the castle lighting ceremony, but didn't get particularly good spot for it, so photos of that later!

        After closing of the park, headed back the hotel and then off to the Sequoia Lodge for dinner at Beaver Creek. Service was a bit bad - purely because it was so busy, but the food was good.

        Wednesday 12th December

        We had "breakfast in fantasyland" tickets for today, so made it to the park for 8am more or less, and had breakfast in the chateau de la marionette (Pinocchios' Cafe). Got there really early, so wasn't crowded, but again, as we left, there were huge crowds coming in.
        the park was eerily empty on our way to breakfast, as shown below.
        I've never seen anything like it - it seemed wrong!

        Soon enough though, the strollers attacked!
        it seems this time of year is ripe for mothers with small babies.
        Ok, that means ride queues are shorter, but there are pushchairs eveywhere, and viewing parades is a chore!
        Once the sun was up, it turned out to be a very misty day, although luckily we avoided rain for the whole trip - people told us it was pelting with rain the sunday before we arrived - so we counted ourselves lucky

        We headed into The Studios after breakfast and a ride on the teacups and carousel which we missed out on yesterday

        Mickey had even donned a santa style sorcerers' robe

        Headed straight for Crush - because I had read of horrible wait times for this. The timer was already reading 45 minutes, but we joined the queue anyway - as we were going to ride it eventually - so why not now?
        some nice touches in the queue line, like the talking seagulls (mine!) and several beach signs with Nemo characters on them. The ride itself was great I thought. Maybe not so great for those who started off backwards as some details may be missed, but a lot of fun - and all of us enjoyed it - even those who don't normally like rollercoasters!

        As we left crush - my dad pointed something out to me - the Tower of Terror was in operation! I saw the doors open and close at the top of the tower and I was so happy. I didn't think it would be open in the midweek, we were told it was only pre-opening at weekends. Needless to say i was really excited and my dad and myself went straight there. My mum doesn't like heights and my girlfriend doesn't like plunging rides, so they sat it out.

        to me it seemed like they were still testing out the best drop sequence for the ride, because the drops were many, and quite random - not the same as the DCA version - at least not when I rode it - but it would make sense that they experiment before the official opening.
        Great ride though nonetheless, and here are a few lobby details:

        If anyone knows the Twilight Zone episode "little girl lost" (the simpsons spoof it in treehouse of horror 6 when bart gets stuck in the wall behind their bookcase) this can be found in the queue area.
        You can even hear the girls voice coming from the wall!! Freaky

        After Tower of Terror did most of the other rides - including Cars race rally, which sorely disappointed me - a very poor teacups clone in my view.
        Saw the parade which was fun, with a very good cruella deville

        Took it easy the rest of the day before popping back to the Magic Kingdom for a few hours prior to closing.
        Avoided the parades tonight and got an early dinner at the Yacht Club - was is highly recommended - very good quality food and service. And went for a short swim at the hotel - but was very crowded and too many kids to do proper swimming, so made it short.

        Thursday 13th December

        Our last day in the parks, so wanted to hit the big rides again.
        Got in early once again, and had the chance to stroll leisurely around Sleeping Beautys' castle, which I have always liked. The stained glass pieces are fantastically well done

        Took an obligatory ride on "its a small world" which i now notice, after going to Dinseyland California, is not as long at the California version (mercifully!)

        No dancing!

        Rode Dumbo - whose ears were still frosty from the morning - and explored Fantasyland some more, and found the Sleeping Beauty shop - which I never noticed before is really nicely themed into a woodland setting, indoors. Some nice character models and faux trees inside make it one of the most interesting stores in the park

        Before heading into adventureland for some pirating, went around Alices' maze. This must be fantastic for really small kids, I loved it when I was 10 and still think its great now

        We had lunch at Toad Hall - we had to really - fish and chips afterall!
        some really nice themeing in here, shame the ride isn't here too!

        Got some second trips on some of the big rides in before the end of the day, Buzz lightyear, big thunder mountain and phantom manor among them.
        Phantom manor and pirates are probably tied for my all-time favourite Disney rides.

        headed to main street before the parade

        The afternoon parade was really good in my opinion. Some fantastic floats, in particular the dual London float for Peter Pan and Mary Poppins. And Alice bursting through the house is always a great float.
        The snow down main street when father Christmas passed by was a nice touch too!
        But boy, don't those parade tunes stick in your head for weeks afterwards! Just like we dreamed it!

        Had a final ride on Pirates of the Carribbean whilst the Fantillusion parade was on - I love pirates, its just a great all round ride everyone can enjoy. And so much to see and look out for!

        Got a good spot for the castle lighting today and enjoyed it once more.
        I thought this was really well done and the castle looked amazing when fully lit.
        A really nice way to end the day, but really disappointed becuase now we had to go home!

        After closing, dinner at Cape Cod buffet, which was chaos - people running everywhere like crazy - but still good food - perhaps we should have eaten at the Yacht Club for a really nice last meal and Cape Cod the day before, but oh well, too late now!

        Friday December 14th

        going home today

        Really early start on the coach, so only time to head to the hotel gift shop for last minute presents before heading home for another 10 or so hour trip.

        Hope you liked the report,
        we all had a really good time - but it was freezing cold - colder than we imagined I think - as cold as it was when I visited in early February previously.
        The trip there and back is not recommended either, but seeing Disneyland at Christmas is a great experience you should all try.


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          Re: Trip Report 10th December - 14th December (on its way)

          Thanks for the pics and report.
          Down with the Hat


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            Re: Trip Report 10th December - 14th December (on its way)

            Thanks for the report and the great pictures!


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              Re: Trip Report 10th December - 14th December (on its way)

              Cheers for taking time out to post those pics and your trip report
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                Re: Trip Report 10th December - 14th December (on its way)

                Wonderful TR and photos! Thanks!


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                  Re: Trip Report 10th December - 14th December (on its way)

                  Awesome TR and the pictures of the castle are awesome


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                    Re: Trip Report 10th December - 14th December (on its way)

                    Originally posted by rob-bttf View Post

                    My family had some vouchers for Leger travel, so we travelled to Disneyland paris via coach - which was pretty harrowing and reminded me how much I dislike long haul coach trips!
                    You think a coach trip from Watford to DLP is long haul - try departing from a destination several hundred miles further north. Now that's harrowing! (and why I always fly!)

                    Great TR and photos. Thanks
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