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Anything I should watch out for going to DRP in January??


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  • Anything I should watch out for going to DRP in January??

    So I just got offered a new job with better compensation (hurray!) and decided I would use the opportunity of switching jobs to take a week off and do something I've never done before: travel to Paris.

    I know it's not ideal (frightfully cold and winter hours for most everything will be shortened), but I did the same thing a few years back going to Germany and had a great time even with the bitter cold. This is only my second trip to Europe, so I'm super excited!

    Of course a trip to Paris for me has to include the lovely Disneyland Paris! I'm very very sad that Phantom Manor will be closed (probably THE attraction I most want to see at DRP) while I'm there. It's only closed for about 10 days--but those just happen to be the same days I'll be there. Does anyone know of anything I should watch out for in going then? Should I skip it altogether??? The way I figure it, I'll go on a weekday and the lines should be relatively short and even with Phantom Manor closed, it should still be fun.

    I'm going to just go for the single day ticket for Disneyland (other than the Crush Coaster, I'm not sure there is any attraction at the Studios I care to experience--so it doesn't seem worth it). $70 is not too bad....


    Brer Dan

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