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One Day In Disneyland Paris?

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  • One Day In Disneyland Paris?

    My husband is going to London for a business trip ( November 4th - 9th) and I'm tagging along.

    We have the 7th and 8th available ( Our flight leaves from Heathrow the morning of the 9th)

    We are planning on taking the Euro Star train to DLP on the 7th and relaxing at one of the resort hotels and then visiting the park on the 8th.

    Then, we would take the last train back to London and head straight to the airport.

    I realize this sounds a little.. Rushed.
    but, we simply can't spend more time @ DLP - our flights are booked and paid for.

    We've both been to France before so I'm not worried about any cultural differences / understanding the transportation system but I do have some questions:

    Is it possible to book a one night stay @ a Disney hotel?
    ( I didn't see the option available on the site so I emailed them)

    How Do I get our luggage sent straight to our hotel ?


    most importantly...

    What park should we visit?

    We've been to DL & Dworld more times that I can remember so we'd like to see things that are only available @ DLP.

    Any suggestions?

    Also, any other advice about our trip would be appreciated.


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    Re: One Day In Disneyland Paris?

    Even though I haven't actually been, there is no question you should do Disneyland Paris. Its beautiful, spectacular as appose to Walt Disney Studios which is small and tacky.


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      Re: One Day In Disneyland Paris?

      Definitely visit Disneyland Park. Walt Disney Studios, although it has a few quality attractions, is not really worth going in if you have a limited amount of time. My personal recommendations for Disneyland Park are:

      -- Phantom Manor
      -- Pirates of the Caribbean
      -- Big Thunder Mountain
      -- Space Mountain: Mission 2
      -- The dragon underneath the castle
      -- Adventure Isle
      -- it's a small world
      -- Alice's Curious Labyrinth

      If you do choose to visit Walt Disney Studios, I would recommend trying Rock 'n' Roller Coaster, Cinemagique and Tower Of Terror (although this is almost exactly the same as the Californian version).
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        Re: One Day In Disneyland Paris?

        You can absolutely book just one night and one of the Disney hotels. I did exactly that on my last trip, staying one night at Sequoia.

        I'm not sure about how to get your bags sent straight to the hotel. But I just took the train to DLP and then took the short walk with my rolling bags to the hotel. I heard that there was a shuttle available, but it didn't really bother me at all. Contact your hotel in advance for the best way to get to the hotel from the train.

        The park hours have not been posted yet for November 8th, but if you stay at a Disney hotel, there is Extra Magic Hours that morning which give you 2 hours in the morning before opening to regular guests. That could be a good thing for you if you don't mind waking up early.

        The poster above makes a GREAT suggestion about focusing on just DLP and not worrying about the Studios since you only have one day. The Studios have improved a lot, but if you are short on time, focus on Disneyland Paris and don't worry about the stress of trying to see both parks in one day (I've done it, but then you really have to managed your time).

        The list of attractions above sounds perfect for you.

        If you get a chance to have a nice meal, eat at Walt's on Main Street. It is wonderful. There is a fancy restaurant in the Disneyland Hotel which looks out over the park which is nice as well, but VERY expensive.

        What a wonderful little adventure!
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          Re: One Day In Disneyland Paris?

          If you cannot stay on the property, try the Hotel Elysee nearby. We stayed there and it was wonderful- and cheaper than any on site location. One metro stop away is DLP. Somewhere on my blog is a trip report. Search "europe" or "Disneyland Paris". Can't remember where.

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