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Visiting Disneyland Paris Between Jan. 10th- Feb. 9th


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  • [Question] Visiting Disneyland Paris Between Jan. 10th- Feb. 9th

    While my girlfriend and I are in Paris for a month, I would want to visit DLP. I was wondering what are some DLP attractions that I shouldn't miss and some of the best restaurants at DLP? Your advice would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU!

    Edit: This trip will be taking place in 2012. Sorry about that.

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    Re: Visiting Disneyland Paris Between Jan. 10th- Feb. 9th

    Have you already been to any other Disney resorts? How many days do you plan to stay at DLRP? If you are going there for just one day, then you should only visit the Disneyland Park. That park is really beautiful despite some maintenance issues, but currently Disney is trying hard to improve the park and is refurbing many buildings and attractions.

    Attractions you shouldn't miss:

    - Phantom Manor
    - Big Thunder Mountain
    - Pirates of the Caribbean
    - Dragon in the Castle
    - Space Mountain

    - Cinemagique
    - Crush's Coaster
    - Tower of Terror
    - Lights Motors Action
    - Rock'n'Roller Coaster

    - Walt's - An American Restaurant


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      Re: Visiting Disneyland Paris Between Jan. 10th- Feb. 9th

      I've been to Disneyland Resort (in Anaheim) and WDW Resort. I'm not going to be staying at the DLP Resort, but I'm staying in Paris for one month. I plan on going to both parks, some time in January. Thank you so much for the help!


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        Re: Visiting Disneyland Paris Between Jan. 10th- Feb. 9th

        So it seems you will visit the parks on several occasions. I assumed you will only go there once. Then you should do as many attractions as possible. Nearly all attractions found at WDW and DLRP are better in Paris. At least that's my opinion and based on my visits to both resorts in 2008. The Paris' versions are just more moderncompared to WDW. You also should pay attention to the small details that make Disneyland Paris the most beautiful Magic Kingdom style park. For examples the two arcades along Main Street USA or the "Nautilus" walk through attraction in Discoveryland.

        Be aware of smoking. Most people smoke everywhere, but I have never seen anyone smoking in buildings and queues. Other people here did encounter such behaviour. Since you are going in January it will be very cold and chances are high that you will see the parks covered in snow. The Disneyland Park looks really beautiful in snow. There will also not too many people in the parks and so I'm sure you can do all rides during all your visits.

        I also want to warn you about the fast food at DLRP. I'm not a big fan of fast food and DLRP's options are really bad. Take the time and try one of the sit down restaurants.


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          Re: Visiting Disneyland Paris Between Jan. 10th- Feb. 9th

          That sounds great! Thanks for the advice and heads up.


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