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Can I take the TCV Train Back to CDG Airport?


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  • Can I take the TCV Train Back to CDG Airport?

    Hi there,
    So I know that the TGV train goes from Charles De Gaulle Airport to DLP. But my question is: does it travel the other direction? (From DLP direct to CDG.)

    Strangely, I am having the hardest time finding this out! Though it makes sense that there would be two tracks (one for each direction), as a Californian, I'm not so familiar with train travel. It will be my first time at DLP, and I'm excited about the opportunity to go 200 mph on a train. Please help!

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    Re: Can I take the TCV Train Back to CDG Airport?

    Trains are running in both directions everywhere.
    If you are not able to make a reservation you can try over this website: Rail Europe - Rail travel planner Europe - Train travel in Europe*(Eurostar and select Marne la vallee as departure (the location where is DLP) and Paris CDG Airport as destination.

    But actually DLP is fairly close to CDG airport and the TGV is taking less than 15 minutes between both stations (not even sure if it has the time to reach maximum speed).
    If you stay at a Disney hotel they may also provide shuttle services with the airport, but not sure so you should check.
    Hope this can help!


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