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DLP Hotel Cheyenne


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  • [Question] DLP Hotel Cheyenne

    Hi Guys & Girls

    In February this year we will be speeding under the English Channel to Disney Land Paris for our 1st ever trip. We are staying at the Hotel Cheyenne but really know nothing about the hotel. What's it like? Is there any places near by to eat? Any tips or advice would be greatly received.

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    Re: DLP Hotel Cheyenne

    I don't know very much, but a few months ago a friend of mine stayed there.

    They said the hotel had a chuckwagon buffet.

    They said it was pretty far from everything else and they took a shuttle.

    They liked the hotel.

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      Re: DLP Hotel Cheyenne

      I stayed there for about a week and used is as my base to see Paris, because it was (at the time) a very good value. I love this hotel for its theming. It has the buffet and is a short walk to a variety of restaurants. As an American I was fascinated to be around so many families from all over Europe. I imagine that would be less of a novelty for a European like you.

      By the way, Bcl1973, I also spent a couple days vacationing in Liverpool (Beatles freak), and really liked your city.


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        Re: DLP Hotel Cheyenne

        I'd say take a look at this site: Disney?s Hotel Cheyenne | Photos Magiques
        It has some great pictures that give you an impression of the hotel. I stayed here as a kid and loved it! I do indeed remember taking the shuttle buses to the park, but it wasn't a long trip. (It did got very busy at the buses when the park is closing though..)
        Chuck Wagon Cafe menu ? DLRP Magic! - Disneyland Paris trip planning, tips, advice
        Here you have some info about Chuck Wagon Buffet!

        Have fun!

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          Re: DLP Hotel Cheyenne

          You can walk to the parks; I can't imagine it being more than 10 minutes or so. There's even a nice pathway on the river between it and the Santa Fe. I've only toured the place walking through it, not stayed there, but my understanding is that that the rooms are on the small side and lack A/C based on other reviews and their website. The property itself is themed to the American West circa late 1880s (obviously) and the thing that struck me most were the immense pathways between buildings. It almost looks like the place was designed to be able to land jumbo jets between the room blocks. I thought it was the most compellingly themed of the hotels at DLP (outside of the Disneyland Hotel), though my gut instinct is that if you can get a better deal at Dream Castle/Magic Circus/et al to go with that since you'd have a better room and not be trading in any great deal of convenience.


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