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TGV - DLP to CDG Alternates?


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  • [Question] TGV - DLP to CDG Alternates?

    I wanted to ask any of the familiar Disneyland Paris visitors about a travel question from DLP to CDG airport.

    I'll be in France this summer for a week. However, I will be staying two days past the rest of my group (one full day to myself) and will use this for a day in DLP. We're styaing downtown in Paris, but for a day visit to DLP I was debating leaving Paris and staying out in the resort. This would allow me an easy afternoon break and a quick journey back to my hotel room at the end of the night (as opposed to the 1 hour RER journey back to the Latin Quarter).

    However, the snag in this plan seems to be the TGV schedule. Although its a 12 min. journey, the first trips don't seem to leave in the morning until 7am. That puts me a little close compared to what time I'd like to arrive at the airport for my morning flight (I like to have plenty of check-in time and time to sit for a few drinks in the lounge before a flight).

    My question to you in the know is: what other options would I have to easily and quickly get from DLP back to the airport early in the morning? I am sure Taxis are an option...anyone taken this route before? Just want to see some options I would have before I decide to just stay downtown (where the RER is running at 5am and its an hour journey on one line to CDG).


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