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  • Disney's Newport Bay Club

    We stayed at the Newport Bay Club from October 25 for two nights. We checked in after 6:00 PM and it took them a while to get us a room. The people at registration were very nice, but not all their information was correct. We were given a room facing the hotel entrance. We didn't care for the view. Even though it was cold outside, the room was stuffy. The air conditioner did not work, so we opened the door to the balcony, however we could not stand the noise from all the buses and cars. There were also screaming kids that would not stop screaming for some reason. When we brought this to the attention of the manager, we were advised that the hotel does not provide air conditioning (in winter). As for screaming kids, his excuse was that kids scream at Disney. There were other problems with the room including a locked safe, no ice bucket, a stuffed drain in the sink and peeling wallpaper. There was no information book in the room, so we assumed there was no room service, which there was. The TV only has a few channels and only two in English. The TV remote was very difficult to use. The entire hotel is also not ready for wireless internet. In this day and age, I think there should be at least wired internet in every room.

    The manager tried his best to make us happy, by offering us an upgraded breakfast, but it really was too little, too late.

    Smoking was also an issue for us. Of course, they did not permit smoking in our floor, but people would smoke just outside the main doors to the hotel, which meant walking through a fog of smoke every time we entered and exited the hotel. This seemed to be a problem at the parks as well.

    The good parts of the hotel was, of course, the location - walking distance to the parks. We had no problems with the buses.

    I was really expecting more from Disney. I've stayed at many other Disney hotels around the world and this one really needs improvement.

    We stayed our last night in Paris at the Dream Castle hotel, which was much better, for less money.

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    Re: Disney's Newport Bay Club

    Yikes! Thanks for the heads-up on this one!


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      Re: Disney's Newport Bay Club

      hey this is my favourite resort with The Sequoia Lodge . Also the Sleeping Beauty Suite with a incredible view of the park is nice .

      I have worked at the Newport Bay Club for a day only lol
      HKDL : Done !!!


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        Re: Disney's Newport Bay Club

        I agree Mikeland. I have tried the NBC three times, including tha Admiral's Floor (the only way to get room service in this hotel). And all three had problems. The hotel is very poorly run for it's price and size and is the worst value of all the Disney hotels world wide. Looks great, but looks are deceiving. Funny thing is, so many fans in europe love the place. They just don't know any better.

        Best value hotel at DLP is the Sequoia Lodge, and the best quality is the Hotel New York. However, the Holiday Inn, Marriott Vacation Club and Dreamcastle all offer even better experiences, they just are a little futher away and also are not as well themed.

        FWIW - I travel a lot with work across europe. Free internet or WiFi is very rare. The only place that offers it that I am aware of is at the Marriott Village Ile de France.
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