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Just one month ago


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  • Just one month ago

    It was just a month ago, that I found myself unable to go to sleep. You see, I was just too excited. I would be going to Disneyland the next day, for the first time.

    The family, I was traveling with, picked me up at exactly 4:30 am. We were off to Ohare Airport. Our curbside checking went fairly quickly, and I was able to find a copy of the new Harry Potter book as we were walking to our departure gate.

    The lovely scrapbook, that I received as a gift, on that morning; now holds wonderful Disneyland memories.

    The flight went so smooth, that two of the kids took naps and I was able to read up to chapter 10 in my book. I remember the ride from LAX to the Hilton Anaheim. Our towncar driver, Harold, delivered us quickly to our hotel. I especially remember seeing the EXIT sign that said Harbor Blvd.

    We had decided that first day, which was the 16th of July, to make our first stop Downtown Disney. I remember the walk through the entrance plaza, and all those big orange Block Party Bash cones. We were all snapping pictures of everything. I started with a shot of a red ART bus and kept snapping as we passed the security tents, the garbage cans with Jiiminy Cricket on them, the big letters that spell California, the 50th Anniversary banners, and then Disneyland Park itself. But we were headed for Downtown Disney, and that is where we went.

    We were all hungry, and we had a very nice lunch at Naples. We toasted Disneyland. The kids were drinking Shirley Temples, with extra cherries. It was so good to finally be in warm, sunny, Anaheim California. We made our way to the Walt Disney Travel Company. We had some free gifts coming to us, and we were ready to collect. The beautiful 50th Anniversary tote bags were great for souvenirs. The kids had already stopped and bought some pins. I picked up an autograph book. We saw the castle made out of Legos at the Lego store, and shopped at the World of Disney. Enough of this dawdling, I was here to see Disneyland.

    It was now about 2:30 pm. We made our way back to the front of Disneyland Park. Now I need to back this story up a bit. Let me paint you this picture. You have one mom, who is carrying a camcorder in one hand, and a digital camera in the other. This mom is taking video and pictures of the other mom, (who is also a granny). The granny is so excited to be finally entering the park, that she has her mouth open and is incessantly blabbing. Get the picture? Well the kids, the mom, the video camera, went first. Then it was my turn to go through the turnstiles. We were finally in! She managed to catch my expression at the exact moment I hit the turnstiles. So glad she did. We were amazed at the beauty of the floral Mickey, which was too crowded at the moment for a good shot. We headed instead, left, and read the sign before walking under the tunnel. I remember the happiness that I felt as I walked under the tunnel. I was here at Disneyland, and I could finally do all those things, that I had planned to do for so long.

    I headed for the staircase that goes up to the train platform. I resisted looking at Town Square and down Main Street. I wanted my first glimpse of the castle to be as I was approaching it down Main Street. I wanted to first ride the train around the park. When Walt Disney opened the park on July 17, 1955, he rode the train around the park. When I got up to the top of the train station platform, I was not going to turn around. I would simply ride the train and see the castle and Main street later. Well, I hesitated. Yes, I finally did turn around. I was delighted at what I saw. There was Disneyland! Disneyland in all it's glory! I fell in love with it at that moment. I caught a glimpse of the castle. I get goosebumps now, as I type. I could feel the excitement of the place, the people, the sounds, the smells, the beauty, the absolute joy in the air.

    Well it was about time we ride this train. We had to wait for two to depart, before I was pleasantly surprised by the arrival of the Ward Kimball. I had read on MiceChat, how he was the animator, who drew Jiminy Cricket. So riding the Ward Kimball that first trip around Disneyland was very special. I even managed to get a few good pictures, before it was "All Aboard". I just loved the dioramas.

    Our timing could not have been better. When we arrived back at Main Street, the parade was stopped at City Hall. What parade float, do you suppose had stopped in front of City Hall? Correct. Pinocchio. I was in heaven, and Disneyland too. Jiminy Cricket was so close, I could just reach out and touch him. I knew he was waving, just to me. Now if someone had yelled, "Stop!" at that moment and also said "Barbara Ann, you must leave Disneyland now, you have seen enough." I would have been disappointed but still happy.

    Now I knew that was not going to happen. Tomorrow was going to be the 50th Anniversary celebration. I had 6 more days to see Disneyland. 6 more days to take it all in. 6 more days for rides, and all those other wonderful things that I had planned, and dreamt about for so long.

    So for the next 6 days I did. I saw Disneyland. I just can't believe it has been a month. Because even though I am back here in Chicago, and Disneyland is back there in Anaheim, Disnneyland is with me, here. It's here, in my heart.

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    Re: Just one month ago

    Thanks for sharing your story. You are an eloquent writer. This is one of the reasons I love this board so much. People sharing their stories so vividly I get the chance to experience it myself.


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      Re: Just one month ago

      Thanks for sharing! Great report made me feel like i was back in the parks


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        Re: Just one month ago

        You've given me a strong case of Nostalgiapation. I love looking back at my Disney memories - and forwards to making more!
        Thanks BA for the wonderful post.

        War is over if you want it...

        Peace - Love - Mickey Mouse


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          Re: Just one month ago

          Jeez, way to make me cry before work!

          Unusually and exceedingly peculiar and altogether quite impossible to describe...


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            Re: Just one month ago

            That was great! Now I REALLY can't wait to go back next month! Thanks for that! I enjoyed it a lot.


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              Re: Just one month ago

              That was so beautiful. I like how you worded it to where I could feel exactly what you felt... because thats how I feel EVERY time I enter the park. So here's to your many more trips in the future feeling just like your first. :thumbup:
              Disneyland is the right of all sentient beings.


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                Re: Just one month ago

                Im going next summer, cant wait!
                Go Bengals.



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                  Re: Just one month ago

                  Awwwww, what a great story!!! I'm so glad you had such a great time. It's so awesome you got to experience the park with such a great attitude! It's like you were 5 years old!!! heheheh, that's so wonderful. I hope you'll be able to come back again soon! You should really see the park during Christmas time. I know it sounds impossible, but everything is even MORE magical!!


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                    Re: Just one month ago

                    Great posting! I'm glad you're first trip to Disneyland was so special. I also agree with Mickeymus Prime: The magic of Disneyland is that every subsequent trip is always just as special! :ap:
                    "Yesterday, a man walked up to me and said, 'Isn't it a shame that Walt Disney couldn't be here to see this?' and I said, "He did see this, that's why it's here."
                    -Art Linkletter July 17, 2005-

                    When you wish upon a star your dreams come true.


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                      Bwaaahhh*sniffle* I wanna go back, too!!

                      Funny I should read this post today. I was surfing around, trying to find one of my infamous leather jackets from the 50th event for a friend. I come across this post and I start getting all melancholy about Disneyland.
                      But wait!
                      There is hope for you, young Circarama.
                      That's right, I AM going back to "The Happiest Place on Earth" in November with my wife and 5 kids (with their 5 friends... yes, 12 of us all together) for Veterans Day weekend.
                      :yea: :yea: :yea: :yea: :yea: :yea: :yea:
                      Last edited by Circarama; 08-17-2005, 01:16 PM.
                      Charlie :wave:
                      MiceChat User #1037


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                        Re: Just one month ago

                        Thanks Barbraanne! That was really great to read. You've got me even more excited as my first trip in two years is a month away from today! Thanks for sharing your story with us!
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                          Re: Just one month ago

                          Awwww... now I HAVE to go to Disneyland! It's always a pleasure to hear trip reports where people visit Disneyland for the first time in a while. It makes me :sniff: so happy!
                          "The views and opinions expressed on this post are mine and do not necessarily represent or reflect those of The Walt Disney Company."


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                            Re: Just one month ago

                            Cool story
                            Last edited by Ghostbuster626; 08-17-2005, 06:05 PM.


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                              Re: Just one month ago

                              Originally posted by Ghostbuster626
                              Cool story. Unfortuantly the 50th. was a disappointment.
                              Not for me.


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