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Indiana Jones Adventure Pictures


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  • [Other] Indiana Jones Adventure Pictures

    Hey everyone! As some of you may or may not know, I'm creating a 3D interactive version of the Indiana Jones Adventure at Disneyland. This post is to request any pictures that anyone would like to post, or refer me too. I've searched the thousand or so matches to indiana jones in Flickr, but there are still some pictures I need.

    First off, I need a picture of the skeleton murals in the Dart Corridor. Preferably, I'd like them to have as much of a single mural as possible.

    Second, I need as many pictures of the station as I can get, and I put even more emphasis on pictures including the control tower and the North Track (looking North from the center of the tracks).

    Then, In the Chamber of Destiny, I need individual pictures of each "Mara" that are above each door. I have the one for Eternal Youth, But I need the two others as well.

    Also, any pictures of the mummy chamber are appreciated, as I need the murals that are painted on the walls in there.

    On top of that, I need ANY pictures of the Snake Temple. This would include the murals on the walls, and the geometry of the room in general.

    If anyone has a good picture of the "Rat Projection" in the rat caves, I would be most appreciative. For all I know, a picture of it doesn't exist as far as I have seen.

    Overall, I will take any pictures! I know there are many more out there, and I need any different views I can get to help with scaling (especially that darn station!).

    Don't go out of your way looking for these pictures, but if you happen to have any and aren't difficult to post here, I'd really appreciate it!

    Thanks a ton!

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    Re: Indiana Jones Adventure Pictures

    As far as "that darn station" goes, I took a number of photos when I was there last month, including one or two tower-related. They're all in this Flickr set, along with other shots of the queue.

    This isn't a photo of the actual murals, but it's a small photo I found of a blueprint showing their layout. Maybe it'll be somehow helpful.

    Here's a shot of the elevators that I didn't take.


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      Re: Indiana Jones Adventure Pictures

      Yep, I already raided your updated Flickr site, and also found the photo you posted. If it was on Flickr, its likely I have it haha! I've studied that blueprint too off that site....I just wish he had more previews haha!

      Also, I redid my scale calculations, and it is indeed larger, because the players in the game are about 7 feet tall. So, everything is larger....the EMVs are 8.5 feet tall and 23 feet long. I dont have the real dimensions of them though.

      I'm also excited to see the revealing of your mystery project!


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        Re: Indiana Jones Adventure Pictures

        Ah, phooey. Hoped I'd be able to provide some new material. I actually didn't realize that the photo I embedded was from Flickr--a fellow Disney fanatic sent me that one and didn't tell me where he'd found it.

        I'm also excited to see the revealing of your mystery project!
        Don't get your hopes too high...I don't want to disappoint anyone. I happen to rather like it, but I wouldn't have cared so much a few months ago, so I can understand other people not finding it all that exciting when I finally do unveil it.


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