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Trip Report of Awesomeness! For June.


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  • Trip Report Trip Report of Awesomeness! For June.

    Before I get started I'd like to give a big giant shout out and thank you to Jamie (gravey80) for letting me use one of her Toy Story Midway Mania! CM preview tickets. I'd also like to thank Amanda (Snow_White_Raven) for convincing her to let me have one of them.

    Starting the trip report with a shot from the doorway to my room. My room was excluded from this report due to the sheer amounts of clothes littering the floor, seriously I could make a fort out of all the clothes that are on my floor and still have enough to make cannons and cannon balls, not to mention a full crew to man and protect the fort. Okay . . . maybe it's not that bad, but I don't like taking pics of my room unless it's clean, but I don't mind taking pics of other's rooms, like my mother's sewing room!
    Making a right we totally miss the bathroom and head down the stairs into the living room.
    Wow look at that! The door is already open for us!
    Wait, what is that I see? Is that a secret agent kitty?
    She has a mission for me. She wants me to go find her another secret agent kitty for her to kill. With that I'm off!
    Out through the security scanner screen and on to my transport!
    The beautiful view... that I'd see a lot more if I only went outside more.
    What's that I see?
    I get my pick of the cars! Sweet!
    I can either a 72 Camaro . . .
    Or a 71 Nova . . .
    I think I'll pick this one instead! It's purple!
    Doing a burn-out I race down the road and out of sight.
    After that burnout my fuel is a little low, guess I should get some gas before I take my journey to magical lands.
    WHAT?! FLIPPIN' 4.27 A GALLON?! (guess it's better than where it is currently)
    My car's happy now, at least it's gas tank is :/ My wallet is very sad and mourns the loss.
    Screeching around Coco's to get to the freeway and so totally not taking pictures while driving.
    And we get to the most dangerous part of our journey, the I-5, not to mention the longest.
    At first I thought this was a Christmas tree and Disneyland was celebrating early! But sadly it was just many smaller trees strapped together and covered.
    SAN ONOFRE TI . . . er . . . The San Onofre nuclear reactor I mean.


    I get so giddy when I see this sign. No matter how tired or horrible of a day I've had, this sign always makes me smile. It's there to show me just how close I am to my favourite place.

    The Cube!

    Spirit of Refreshment, right?

    You can't really see it but traffic was starting to slow down and it was stopped right before the exit to Disney Way. So lucky not to get stuck in that.

    Almost there!

    Whipping out my AP so I can park!

    Congratz to all those who are graduating and attending Grad Nite 2008.

    PopTarts and Pocky, truly the breakfast of GODS

    Taking pics of my secret agent car so that I don't lose it.

    Required for finding your car later on when your mind is so jumbled and can't remember where you parked or even what level.

    I love taking this bridge. In addition to the view, I don't have to deal with other people often because they walk all the way to the end.

    Going down, down, down

    Beep beep!

    What'chu lookin' at?

    Marbell the Wondertram!

    Have you ever wondered about what kind of clouds those are? Nimbus?

    I decided to question Brer Fox first to see if he could help me find another secret agent, he didn't know anything.

    The tour guides couldn't help me out since their building had been closed down for renovations.

    I suspect the pirates had something to do with this . . .


    Maybe not, I don't see any cannons on that ship. Wait, what do they do to protect themselves from Mickey? Also, it appears as though Minnie has discovered how to fly, either that or she's standing on Peg Leg Pete's head.

    I love noticing new details, like this new flower pot that as far as I can tell doesn't really have a need to be there. Although it could be used to house some new power box, or a prison for secret agent kitties!

    I questioned the Minnows, they didn't know anything other than how to swim.

    Being the awesome secret agent that I am, I get secret agent shots of the work being done around the door to the Sleeping Beauty walkthrough door.

    More action shots!

    Uno mas!

    I never noticed the water fountains over here.

    Quickly I headed over to It's a Small World to question the serpent. He just stayed very still and didn't answer me. He's lucky he has that railing in front of him or else he might be a headless serpent! rawr!

    Going back a few weeks, there was a fire at Universal. This picture is to show that Disney is totally ready for a fire, and is also green about it.

    Something I'll point out later in the report, notice the plastic and the tape.

    I wonder what happens when I push this button . . .

    This was the only day I saw people working on the outside of IASW. They were working on the entrance and

    The are to the left of the shop.

    I tried a club in ToonTown only to be stopped by the door beast.

    This one's for you DIP!

    I can think of a few people who would love this wallpaper.

    I then traveled to Mickey's house in hopes of finding a few clues to where I could find the secret agent kitty.

    Although I do give him a high five for waking up early, he has no reason to according to this list and the opening times of the parks. The parking lot doesn't open til at earliest 7:15 and the park doesn't open til 8 unless you have a magical morning which starts at 7. What does he do for half an hour? Polish his ears?

    I have my reasons for including this picture.

    I think I'll take this book . . . wait

    Chemistry and Physics? My life with Walt? O.o I think I'll put that back . . . don't want to know what dirty things happened if there was "chemistry".

    Glug glug glug (for those of you who say the falls are not falling as hard.

    I needed to check the notes I found in Mickey's house on where I should check out next.

    Oddly enough it pointed me toward the Jungle, but there was little there that would help, only bad jokes.

    As the night wound down I decided to take a break from the search and take in the castle.

    Gah the light! It's bright! And blurry!

    Focusing . . .

    Better . . .

    Ah . . . there we go

    Ack! Gosh darn you lights! Blinding a /b/rother like that!

    Now I have to refocus again.

    I swear I'm going to hurt that castle . . .

    Congratz to the grads.

    Friday the 6th of June, 2008
    I decided to stake out a spot for the night to watch for clues. I quickly fell asleep listening to Amy Winehouse. After a few hours sleep I was awoken by a phone call.

    It was Amanda (Snow_White_Raven)! She invited me to breakfast. There was this great place called Norm's that she knew would get my brain going so I could find the secret agent kitty.

    I interrogated her frog but to no avail, he wasn't talking.

    After interrogation I searched her car for clues even after she reassured me there were none.

    We arrive at Norm's in one piece, not like I didn't expect to but I like making comments.

    Did I mention there were at least 3 Red Bull trucks in the parking lot? Maybe they're having a meeting of the bulls . . .

    My first clue, "BEEF"

    Amanda told me to take in the smell since it would help me find my way. "Follow your nose!"

    I confused our waitress with Jedi mind tricks. She had to stop and think when the seam between napkins was hidden by the knife.

    Do you feel lucky Dr. Henry "LightMouse" Jones?

    If so then feast upon knowledge!

    I found something out about Amanda that we have in common.

    We are both totally anal about how we leave our plates for the bussers to pick up.

    Ah . . . the secret agent outside office, one of them at least.

    I'm starting to think I should divide this TR into days and not do it all in one . . .

    So far I've had Mickey and now Daisy, am I going to park on every level this trip? Stay tuned to find out!

    Seriously this license plate doesn't make you look cool.

    Get some sleep grads.

    Security was a mess as usual.

    Pirate Duck!
    Pirate Duck!
    He don't take no guff
    caus' he's pirate duck!

    Apparently there's other agents on the case too, I narrowly avoided being attacked with a cannon ball. Man can they throw!

    I love JC too, just not enough to touch the wall with my lips.

    I sat in on the Indiana Jones stage show in hopes of finding clues. The stone tiger does closely relate to my secret agent kitty, does it not?

    Almost there . . .

    Is that a two ended cat? No fun, all the mess!


    Ain't that the truth.

    I find the lovely JennOwned and she decides to help me out with finding the secret agent kitty. Her friend Danielle was there too! (not pictured)

    We play the piano for tips since we were out of cash.

    I found another hole in the wall, I was hoping to question the inhabitants of IASW but the hole wasn't big enough.

    Doesn't mean I don't take pics though!

    So creepy when it's not what I remember . . . there's trash on the ground.

    She suggested I check my notes while we take a moment to cool off.

    The Dream Suite winners didn't know anything even after we flashed them with a memory pen.

    Sunday the 8th of June, 2008

    Now we have Minnie to add to the list. Anyway I got off work at about 2 despite trying to work out a deal with my manager to let me go early. At first she said it would be fine if I left at 10 since we had another person to do the rest. Then she said since we had so much still that I had to work my full 8 hours. Then I asked if I worked through my hour long lunch could I leave an hour early. She said she *cough* didn't hear that but I could. So 1 rolls around and there's still stuff for me to do and it takes me til 2 to finish, basically the time I was supposed to clock out. Great, now I've missed the meet and I'm flying down the freeway just to make it in time for something else, thanks . . .

    The was group waiting for me at the compass rose with Jenn and her friend Danielle waiting for a special surprise for Jenn's b-day.

    On our way through the crowds . . . can't you smell it?!



    Yes that's right! Cast member previews! Thank you gravey80! So earlier that night I had a great idea while I was in the shower. I was offered a preview ticket for TSMM, of course I took up this offer. After thinking about what to get Jenn for her b-day I thought it would be awesome to give Jenn my ticket instead. Of course she took it and enjoyed it very much so. She got the first ride out of our group. The tickets were not tired to any of us except to the CM who it was issued to so we took turns using it.

    It looks so beautiful but wait , what was that?

    Guess you guys don't get any pictures of the inside. I have to follow the rules sometimes.

    Oh well, the ride will open to the public in a few days.

    Who's that I see? An MCer?

    *waves back*

    Isn't she happy?

    Just look at that smile!

    She's glowing!

    Secret agent glasses.

    We have access to Andy's room and are now looking for clues.

    The view from the balcony.

    Down the rabbit hole.

    down . . .

    down . . .

    down some more . . .

    Almost there!

    "You know what? I actually do like relish on my hot dogs."

    "Yo holmes I need to go, got snaps for sum petrol?

    Apparently the potato has had spudly problems.

    One of the best parts of the day. A lead saw our group hanging outside the queue and totally blocking traffic. She asked us why we were there and we told her how we were not allowed to go back on til the line died down and we were waiting til we could. She made a note on my ticket so that we could ride even after our CM chaperone left.

    As you can tell, Jenn and Danielle were so happy.

    Jenn: "I'm going to ride again and again! Bye!" *disappears in a cloud of smoke*
    Danielle: "Wait! What?! Without me?!"

    TechSkip, this one is for you. Now whenever I see this carousel I think of you and your family having so much fun on it. *thumbs up*

    Later that night we found out that we could get our entire group on the attraction with just one ticket! Sweet! Thanks Disney leads being nice and waving us through! Apparently Jenn doesn't know how to aim a camera, I'd hate to use the bathroom after her if she was a guy.

    Ahh . . . much better.

    My best high score, also the high score of the group. I was so proud of it.



    I was tempted to tip over her scooter. That Dream Suite is mine!

    Customary blurry action shot.

    Tuesday the 10th of June, 2008

    I spotted a Toy Story Mania truck of course advertising the new attraction, like it needs advertisement.

    Back shot!

    Earlier that day I had stopped by a bakery that made all kinds of sweets . I got an eclair, a cream puff, and a cheese cake bite. Sadly, they didn't look all that great. It was an independent bakery too, I'd expect a bit more quality than that but I didn't have time to go looking somewhere else. Now, I'd normally get something from where I work but I don't have the means to keep it cool for the trip. Jenn and Danielle were about an hour late so it would have been worse if I would have gotten it from where I work. I also gave her an extra pair of ears I had in my bag since she didn't have any that day. Also I parked in Goofy that day if you're keeping up on where I parked for this TR.

    Semi-delicious sugary treats. If I made these I'd either eat them myself or trash them, seriously. I'd expect a higher quality than this from myself, but again I didn't have time to go look for other stuff because I thought Jenn and Danielle would be on time, not a little late.


    "You did good Chris, great breakfast!"

    Danielle was so hungry she was scraping the papers for cream.

    After that filling breakfast Jenn couldn't walk very well and needed a disability pass. In truth she really needed one because she had stepped on cactus thorns a few days earlier.

    Our first attraction on a hot day. Splash Mountain! Yet as we were about to round the corner it went 101. We had missed it by 5 minutes! We even watched people get out of their logs and walk around! We were so pissed.

    So after Splash we decided to practice shooting rifles in case we became under fire from rival secret agent spy groups. Jenn was holding the rifle the wrong way while . . .

    Danielle was holding it the right way.

    We were seriously appalled by the sight of this as we went to go meet with the pirate lords. As we floated back around the bend, we saw custodial cleaning out the trash can.

    Going undercover to infiltrate the Enchanted Tiki Room. I didn't quite have a grass skirt but I was hoping this would work well enough.

    Thursday the 12th of June

    Mickey! Again . . .

    I think I waited a good hour for them in DTD, not even stepping foot inside either parks.

    Jenn's smelling her bag of Disney stuff because she knows she won't be back anytime soon.

    Just look at how sad she is.

    She smiles because she knows she'll be back at least, Disneyland won't disappear, she can always come back.

    "No comment"

    "Aww he's waiting for us to go."


    "You suck at finding secret agent kitties"

    I don't see how they could find Pooh Bear.

    When was the last time this place was open?

    As I continued my search for a secret agent kitty in space, I noticed that the innoventions building was spinning.

    . . . and spinning

    Space the final frontier.

    I tried to go into the building but a man on a Segway stopped me.

    Meanie! Quick! Run!

    I had a pic of this earlier with tape and plastic over it, I'm guessing they repainted this panel or at least one near it.

    No shiz Sherlock?

    Memories . . .

    I wonder what they'll do the celebrate the reopening of IASW.

    Lance, one of the best and funniest conductors I have ever seen.

    As night came and I started to give up on my search, I noticed something in the bushes. What was it?

    It's a secret agent kitty!
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    Re: Trip Report of Awesomeness! For June.

    Im shaking yikes.


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      Re: Trip Report of Awesomeness! For June.

      Not afraid, but looking forward to it!


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        Re: Trip Report of Awesomeness! For June.

        Can't wait..............


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          Re: Trip Report of Awesomeness! For June.

          Wow, I can't hardly wait.
          "You are watching FOX"


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            Re: Trip Report of Awesomeness! For June.

            Can't wait to see it!
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              Re: Trip Report of Awesomeness! For June.




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                Re: Trip Report of Awesomeness! For June.

                Haha, this is great! I'm shivering... I swear.
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                  Re: Trip Report of Awesomeness! For June.

                  I'm shivering with anticipation!
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                    Re: Trip Report of Awesomeness! For June.

                    Originally posted by royaldisneyfan View Post
                    I'm shivering with anticipation!

                    "I see you shiver with anticipation."


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                      Re: Trip Report of Awesomeness! For June.

                      I don't like waiting ... so get going on this TR ASAP!!!


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                        Re: Trip Report of Awesomeness! For June.

                        Originally posted by TikiRoomLiz View Post
                        I don't like waiting ... so get going on this TR ASAP!!!
                        Neither do I but D-Fence is so much more fun. At least it is for the first 20 levels.


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                          Re: Trip Report of Awesomeness! For June.

                          I can't wait to see it!
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                            Re: Trip Report of Awesomeness! For June.

                            Well, I was actually waiting for someone to notice I finished my TR and post to bring it to the front, but I guess it wasn't going to happen. About a week after that last post, I get to do it myself! Sorry for all the pics <.<


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                              Re: Trip Report of Awesomeness! For June.


                              Such an awesomely inspired and detail-oriented report!

                              Loves it...
                              How much do we have to pay to get MiceChat Old?
                              :monkey: :monkey:


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