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Where would your apartment be?


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    Adventureland is the place for me
    So who is that guy on the left?
    Why it's Santa! Ho, ho, ho
    Or could it be Promo-Man?


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      Originally posted by MiceMan
      I think that new orleans square would be a great place to have an apartment. Toontown could be entertaining though because of all of your wacky neighbors!

      Yep, nothing like animatronics, and people dressed up in 150 degree costumes.
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      --"Being Alive"
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        hmmm few choices for me.

        inside the pirate ship - so i could dress like a pirate and play stuntman jumping off the ship all day.

        the second floor of the starcade - nothing there anyway so i could have a huge apt there.

        NOS - cause the music is awesome and i could live falling asleep to that every night.

        toontown - its way colorful and fun! and it closes early most nights in case i want to call it an early night.


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          I would love to live in Disneyland Anywhere how lucky would I be then.Well for me is I lived up stairs I would need a elevator due to the wheelchair. So I will need a refurbish done.


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            After careful consideration I would opt for the top floor attic space in the Haunted Mansion. What a view that would be and quiet enough to be away from the raucous activity further east. I would wear black and occasionally make an appearance at the window.

            Have no idea what the square footage might be up there but if it is enough for a studio sized space and a place for my easel and paints, I would be producing canvases for the Gallery based on my river view.
            "America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between." Oscar Wilde


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              In the fort on Tom Sawyer's island, or inside the Matterhorn


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                I'd build my apartment in the upstairs space of the Jungle Cruise.
                A man after my own heart!

                Although, I know of at least two kids who think that I live in Sleeping Beauty's Castle.
                :lol: That sounds like an interesting story...


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                  I voted for NOS. I want to live on the second floor of the mansion (if there was a second floor )
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                    I feel very unoriginal, but I would go with New Orleans Square as well. Adventureland second, though.
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                      Well, you all beat me to my ideal Apartment location - namely the second floor of the Haunted Mansion.

                      I would have one of the stretch rooms rigged to go up, not down, with a secret door in one of the paintings.

                      ....and Crazy Legs - you can always move into Club 33 - they have an elevator all ready to go for you !
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                        I'd want to live in an apartment above the Blue Bayou, cause then I could order Monte Cristo sandwiches and have them delivered right to my door. I would also weigh 637 pounds.

                        Plus it could be like Marti Gras everyday!
                        i caught you a delicious bass.


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