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Facing fears at Disneyland..


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  • [Question] Facing fears at Disneyland..

    Hey folks, long time no see..

    As some of you may remember.. I used to be somewhat active on this forum last year.. then kinda faded into the background..

    Well.. I'm back.. hopefully.. and hope to try to be more active again and maybe.. just maybe.. go to a meet or so..

    Anyway.. topic of the thread... facing my fear at Disneyland..

    Lets backtrack to many.. many.. many.. years ago..

    When I was very, very young.. a kid.. the family took a trip to Disneyland. Because my brother and I were both little kids, my mom decided that the first place we would go to was to all those dark rides in Fantasyland..

    One of the first rides we rode was that Toad's Wild Adventure (dunno if that's the right name.. don't hurt me if it isn't!)..

    I freaked out.. literally.. I came out of that ride crying my eyes out!

    Never rode the ride since..

    Flash back to June 4th, 2008.. I decided to ride the ride again.. my mom and I made one of those "spur of the moment" trips after my work.. and I decided it was time to face my fear..

    I was actually nervous.. and laughing at the same time because I would see kids getting off that ride with no problem at all.. hahah.. it made me wonder why I freaked out so much..

    Anyway.. I got on the ride.. and saw that it wasn't as bad as I had initially thought it was.. my mom and I sat through it trying to find a place where it may have scared me so much and we thought that maybe the way the scenes were drawn out may have been somewhat of a factor.. but we weren't sure.

    I finally laughed it off and conquered my fear!

    Now.. I ask.. have any of you experienced something similar??? Any of you conquered a fear at Disneyland?!?!?

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    Re: Facing fears at Disneyland..

    Aww, I'm glad it worked out. Yep, Disneyland fears can be a funky thing. I had a slightly bad experience on Space Mountain back in...oh, must have been 1997 at the latest. Nothing horrible, but not something I'd want to repeat. Not being an AP holder, I didn't get to go all that many times between then and 2003, when the attraction closed, but every one of those times, it was 101 or down for a short refurb. When 2005 FINALLY rolled around and my former favorite reopened, I was a little scared to try it again. Combine that with some anxiety troubles I was having back then...not a good mix. When I finally rode it again in mid-2007, I loved it immeasurably, but I had to deal with a fair amount of nerves going in. Definitely not an issue now--if the line's short enough, I'll ride it three times in a row and still want more. (Not speaking hypothetically here!)


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      Re: Facing fears at Disneyland..

      I have another Space Mountain fear tale... I was about 8 years old, and I wouldn't go on the ride. My mom and dad and I were sitting in Redd Rocket's Pizza Port the day the new Tomorrowland refurb was unveiled, and I would not go on the attraction. They tried to bribe me with everything from a toy from one the shops, coming back to D-land again, getting a puppy, driving down to SeaWorld the next day, going to Knotts, not having to go to school for the rest of the week (as it was during the week, and I had skipped school hehe), and a number of other things. Eventually, I ended up going on the ride and loving it, and I did it for nothing, too. Figures. In retrospect, I probably would have never gotten any of those things even if I had agreed to them... haha oh well. I had a similar experience when I was even younger with Gadget's Go Coaster, but I did that ride for a stuffed animal (Esmeralda's goat from the then-recently released Hunchback of Notre Dame movie), and it was easier. A year after the Space Mountain incident, I kinda had a hard time getting myself on the Rocket Rods when I was finally tall enough, but by then it was easier to get me on those rides, so it went alot smoother.


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        Re: Facing fears at Disneyland..

        i was 16 when i went on matterhorn, big thunder, and indy for the first time! lol

        still too scared to go on space & splash.. really wanna go on space...
        but far too scared (got sick a while ago and my stomach messes with me every now and then)

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          Re: Facing fears at Disneyland..

          OK, I have a fear of heights and also a vertigo medical problem. So hubby years ago talked me into SM! Well by the time we got back to the loading area I was out cold. Scared everyone, and put the fear of God into me. I have not ridden it since. We did try one other time to get me on about 4 years ago. It went 101 when we were next to get on and I took that as a omen and said "forget it!". The CM took one look at me and told hubby not to push me. I am forever grateful to her. So two years ago we tried to see if we could break this fear by going on TOT! Everyone told me it was sooooo easy. Again I tried it and when we got to the bottom they wanted to call medical because I was almost out. They had to help me off the ride and into a back area to sit down, before they would let me leave. I have to say the CM's make sure you are ok, but my fear of all things fast at DL and DCA will NEVER be faced!
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            Re: Facing fears at Disneyland..

            For me the answer is no. I still can't today go on rides like Pirates Of the C.,Space Mountain,TOT,Thunder mt. Splash Mt.,Grrr. wet water ride or Peter Pan ride. With Pirates why I can't go on there is what my uncle did to me when I was about 2 or 3 years old. When the water fall part came up he would pick me up and put me over the side as the boat would go down. This is what my mom told me. As for the others I think cause sends I have a fear of highs I can't go on them with the fall comes or anything like that. I do get a little scare on Manison on the part when u go down backwards a little bit in the grave yard seen. As with my fear of high it will get to me. I remeber one time me my best friend and his friend when to the Disney gallery above Pirate I had just when out to the window and all of a sudden I got very dizzy from beening up that high so no I have not face my fears.


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              Re: Facing fears at Disneyland..

              Space mountain in march.. never rode it all my life until a few months ago, didnt like roller coasters or very fast rides,but I rode the ride for the 1st time..

              DIDNT LIKE IT ONE BIT!

              Despite the lap bar.. I felt like i was going to fall out at times. I hated the fast small drops and everything. sure I faced my fear of Space mountain..but will never go on it matter what anyone says
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                Re: Facing fears at Disneyland..

                I used to be terrified of the Haunted Mansion when I went when I was 7, but now, I am o k with it.


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                  Re: Facing fears at Disneyland..

                  My first DL memories were screaming on HM and on Pirates as a very small child. I did not remember much of the rides just the crying. So when my husband and I took our kids for the first time in 2000 we went on Pirates and I conquered my fear. However, I refused to go into Haunted Mansion. My husband, who knew the ride better than I could not understand why I would not let my children ride. But there was no way I was going to submit them to something so horrible. We went back again in 2003 and I can't tell you how many times we rode HM. I have overcome some of my childhood fears. I still have issues with California Screamin and ToT. I do not like heights or the whole free falling thing. I will ride them once each trip but that is it. Don't ask me twice.


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                    Re: Facing fears at Disneyland..

                    The only ride that would scare me when I was younger was Matterhorn. The Abominable Snowmans would scare me when I was much younger. Now I'm not scared of the ride anymore because I got over my fear.
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                      Re: Facing fears at Disneyland..

                      Haha, Harold got me, too. I never admitted it back then, though. )


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                        Re: Facing fears at Disneyland..

                        I'm still scared of TOT!!!

                        Went on it for the first time with my sis and sat next to a stranger!!

                        At the drops I was clinging on to his arm for dear life!!I actually bought that pic and have it framed!! But as to this day and I think the 4 or 5 times I've gone on my heart still beats fast and I get scared!!

                        Wonder if I'll ever get over it??
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                          Re: Facing fears at Disneyland..

                          I won't go on Star Tours anymore because it makes me feel claustrophobic.


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                            Re: Facing fears at Disneyland..

                            im still scared of the haunted mansion lol
                            but only riding it at night- then when they all start singing grim grinning ghosts im good
                            i know its really goofy since im older now, but i think its just the memories from when i was really little that still get me. i remember my whole family used to go together and i'd go on every ride with my cousins. i couldnt let them think i was chicken, so id go on with my eyes closed the whole time. turns out- my cousin had been doing the same thing for all those years!
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                              Re: Facing fears at Disneyland..
                              • BIG THUNDER MOUNTAIN: After I got injured on the Screamin' coaster, I was always nervous about Big Thunder Mountain but after aashee 'demanded' I got on it...I rode it and now it is my FAVORITE ride in the park.
                              • MATTERHORN BOBSLEDS: I was always scared of the Yeti and hadn't been on it for 10 years or so and then I recently decided to face my fears and now it is one of my favorites as well.
                              • STORYBOOK LAND CANAL BOATS: I use to be scared of going through the whale but now I'm over it LOL.
                              • SPLASH MOUNTAIN: Until a few years ago I was terrified of this ride because of the large drop at the end but now I find it extremely fun.
                              • PIRATES OF THE CARRABIEN: The darkness in the ride use to scare me when I was 5 or 6.
                              • HAUNTED MANSION: Well, I'm still slightly disturbed by the hanging person in the streching room.

                              Believe me...I could go on for hours :lol:
                              I'm still scared of any rides that have lift hills that make the clicking noise, I'm always sure we are going to fall backwards :lol:
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