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Mr. Todd's Wild Ride with the Pratts'

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  • Trip Report Mr. Todd's Wild Ride with the Pratts'

    SATURDAY MORNING, EARLY, (and not very bright)

    A few hours short hours after the Arizona Mice Chat Independence Day Party, the Pratt van, with Timmy and Lisa, and two hitch-hikers, Todd and newly recruited Mice Chatter Rod, journeyed on to Disneyland, for what promised to be a Big Surprise Celebration.

    On the way to the resort, with strategic planning, we were among the 1st to shop at Hadley's Fruit and Nut shop, near the outlet center, on I-10, just prior to the 60 turn off. After Lisa loading up with Grape, Watermelon, and Sour Apple Licorice, for Sunday's meet, we traveled the rest of way to DL!

    We drove straight to the Mickey and Friends Parking Structure, and hit the Tram (not literally). At the security tent, we ran into MCOW1 and the other lovely redhead Mary Read. Upon entering the esplanade, Lisa upgraded her pass, and we all made our way to Fantasyland and Mr. Toad!

    Splash was next on the journey on this day that was getting pretty warm!
    We floated by Brer Rabbit's hole, but he must have been on some journey.

    A good sign that Brer Rabbit was around nearby!

    And we all found our Laughing Wet Place!

    And we got to stay in our Laughing Wet Place for quite awhile,
    as several logs were backed up at the bottom of the Briar Patch!

    (From Top to Bottom) Timmy, Lisa, and Rod. Still in their Laughing Wet Place.

    No walk off this time. So we continued on in our log . . .

    Another sign the Brer Rabbit was alive and well!

    You always have to be on the lookout for the "criminal element" under bridges and Railroad tracks. And look who found us!

    We then passed Pooh, and attempted to cool and dry off in the Haunted Mansion. Pirates was next, and the lost little doggie, by the donkey and the singing trio of pirates, was still lost!

    And it was also evident that one of the pirates, in the holding cells, had escaped! (wonder if he had disquised himself as a Bear or a Fox?)

    It was time to check into our hotel and we headed toward Main Street. On the way out, it was nice to see everyone in their "fireworks finest" on the fifth of July!

    After checking in to the hotel (for our brief one nighter), we made a stop at Knott's Berry Farm's Chicken Take Out (no not a dating service, it's a take out restaurant.) Then it was back to DL, with a stop at the Picnic area, on the tram side of the security.

    The area has a soda vending machine, lockers, a few tables, one white and yellow cat, and not very many people (sorry, but the kitty escaped into the bushes, before I could take a picture.)

    Lisa proudly displaying the KBF Chicken Bucket!

    MMMMMMM!!!! Boysenberry Punch!!! (It's much better than the Girlsenberry Punch!)

    After Munch time ~ it was time for some Midway Mania

    Time to play with our, uhm, guns. Yeah, that's the ticket, our big guns.

    Timmy and Lisa did rather well! Here are their scores:

    In fact, we all got Beavers. Just call us the BEAVER BUNCH!!!

    One thing would be nice, a hard copy of the list of scores, and the animals they represent, somewhere OUTSIDE the actual ride.

    I tried taking a picture inside the ride, but didn't realize it was a video screen also:

    Here's what I've figured out so far

    Bear ? to ?
    Deer ? to ?
    (unknown critter) ? to ?
    Cat 150,000 to ?
    Beaver 100,000 to 149,900
    Rabbit ? to 99,900
    Turtle Zero to ?

    I also noticed a couple of new things in the MM Gift Shop, including this set of Pins, representing the different critters on the score chart for MM.

    The MSEP Electrical Parade was next, and then we headed to DL for the Fireworks. I do like the colors of the Pirates segment in the Fireworks show now, but they must have cut some of the areas from shooting off fireworks, (during the Haunted Mansion section, etc)

    I wanted to do a night cruise, so the four of us headed toward the jungle!
    And the skipper had a fun unique twist on the way he delivered the standard lines ~ after each "joke" he would laugh the same way:

    HA HA HA!!! :lol:

    heh :geek:

    Lisa and I appreciated this little twist, and Lisa had this funny little laugh of hers, each time the skipper did his laugh. Lisa's laugh made me laugh, and it was a rather vicious cyle! :lol:

    We made a brief stop at the World of Disney store, upon leaving DL. Then it was back to the Hotel, since we had plans to be at DL's opening on Sunday Morning.
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    Re: Mr. Todd's Wild Ride with the Pratts'

    Nice report so far! Can't wait to see more!
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      Re: Mr. Todd's Wild Ride with the Pratts'

      Just call us the BEAVER BUNCH!?! Damn, the places you could go with a statement like that!
      Taking contributions to get me back to Disneyland!


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        Re: Mr. Todd's Wild Ride with the Pratts'

        Nice, Lisa!! Now, a Knotts bucket at a Disney park?? Isn't that a conflict of interest, lol, :lol:


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          Re: Mr. Todd's Wild Ride with the Pratts'

          what a grand Trip Report!

          can't wait for some more!


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            Re: Mr. Todd's Wild Ride with the Pratts'

            Great report Aladdin!! I still can't believe that you all headed out so early the next morning after our BBQ!!!

            So far it sounds like a great time!!



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              Re: Mr. Todd's Wild Ride with the Pratts'

              What a great day that was. I must admit, I love the crew from Arizona what a fun bunch! Thanks Aladdin and I'll be looking for the rest of the pictures soon.

              Who are these 2 people on Splash? They look strangly familiar.

              Originally posted by Aladdin View Post


              I knew I recognized them!!!!



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                Re: Mr. Todd's Wild Ride with the Pratts'

                The TSMM pins have been there since at least opening day.


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                  Re: Mr. Todd's Wild Ride with the Pratts'

                  Wonderful TR Aladdin! Thanks for sharing!
                  Home away from Home.


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                    Re: Mr. Todd's Wild Ride with the Pratts'

                    Aashee once again you're grounded. You do not get to look at the rest of the pictures of the Beaver Bunch.


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                      Let's see if I can make this work. A little slideshow for your amusement.

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                        Re: Mr. Todd's Wild Ride with the Pratts'

                        Knott's Chicken Dinner... can't be beat... it was nice to finally briefly meet you. I am sorry I appeared so flustered and out of sorts. I was slightly annoyed at being delayed at Indy, and also had a minimal amount of time left before we had to run to the babysitter! I promise at future meets I will engage in conversation, show up early, and be there longer then 5 minutes!
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                          Re: Mr. Todd's Wild Ride with the Pratts'

                          Mmm, boysenberry punch! One of the best things I have ever tasted! Yum! I like your pictures, how fun.


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                            Re: Mr. Todd's Wild Ride with the Pratts'

                            Awesome trip report!

                            Can't wait to see more.. and wow.. that chicken looked soooo good.. mmm..

                            DISNEYLAND: It even makes science geeks look cool!!


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                              Re: Mr. Todd's Wild Ride with the Pratts'

                              It's always a treat when you come to visit, Aladdin. Thanks for sharing your trip report with us!