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Caly Adventure--Your 1st Impressions


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  • [Chat] Caly Adventure--Your 1st Impressions

    So I was thinking back to 2001 and was wondering what others thought when they first stepped into DCA. Even if your first visit was after 2001, I'd love to read what you first thought.

    My first entry was May 2001. I had just graduated from USC. On the night of my Graduation, we celebrated at Napa Rose--that was a Friday. We had a "Three Day Theme Park" Ticket--The ticket where you could only visit 1 park per day. The initial plan was to go to DCA on Saturday and Monday, and Disneyland on Sunday only. We figured since there was a new park to explore, we'd need to spend most of our time there.

    The 6 of us arrived at DCA when it opened in the morning. We rode Soaring, got a FP for Screamin', watched Golden Dreams, rode Maliboomer, had lunch at Soap Opera Bistro, rode Superstar Limo, rode Grizley River Run and then the Orange Stinger and Mullholland Madness.

    When we went back to Screaming, it was down. This was around 3 PM. We had done everything of interest. Screamin' did not reopen that day. So here we were... middle of the afternoon... and we had "conquered" the park. These were the days before the term "park hopping" was introduced at the DLR, so we created our own Park Hopper ticket by springing for another single day admission to Disneyland. I believe they were around 40 dollars back then, but we didn't have any other choice since we were bored to tears at the park. The highlight was Soaring and Soap Opera bistro.

    I just remember a feeling of complete disappointment. I spent my 4 years in college, always going to the park to watch the construction progress through the window in the fence. But I remember saying, "That's it?"

    It was like expecting a filet mignon dinner and being served a taco bell soft taco (the regular one, not the supreme with sour cream) instead. It actually felt like we were at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

    That was my first impression 7 years ago. Seems like it was eons. What was your first experience like.

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