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How I will Become an Imagineer

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  • How I will Become an Imagineer

    ok, due to some mistakes i made some MCs convinced me to start this thread so here's the deal.
    I<removed cause i got in trouble w/ an imagineer>
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    Re: How I will Become an Imagineer

    It's good to locate your first connections, but before you spotlight on that one path in life just remember a few things.

    #1. You're on the right path in having a contact. All WDI will give you as standard is a suggested readings list and a best wishes in response to an email.

    #2. WDI incorporates almost every design, administrative, and management field there is; aka, just because someone is an imagineer, it does not necessarily mean that they are the type of imagineer you want to be.

    #3. Don't try to be an imagineer. Don't take that literally, but work toward your skills, your aptitudes, and, of course, your dreams, just remember that it is (my Epcot manager says) almost impossible to get into WDI. To me, almost impossible means highly improbable, but anything's possible, never forget that.

    On August 31st, I'm hoping to attend a networking session with WDI. If I am able, I will try to get/PM contact information and brief department overviews.

    Don't give up, but don't dwell on it, you have a LONG way to go!!!
    In view, a humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of fate.



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      Re: How I will Become an Imagineer

      Maybe i wasnt clear enough i know all of the stuff, trust me and that is why im working my *** off to get this job, beside the first thing i asked her was how she got in and a list of all the departments.oh yeah all my skills are good but i dont like the things it offers(Law, medical, science, etc) i find it boring even though im good at it. this skill im working towards is a skill i love, Imagination! This is also good because she could recomend me. thanx anyways .
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        Re: How I will Become an Imagineer

        Good luck to you FutureImagineer183.
        no matter how impossible people make it out to seem, it truly is not. how else would those who work there now have their jobs, eh?

        Overall, stay cool and calm, don't get your hopes up on anything, but stay focused. above all, suggestions made to me is make all the contacts you can, make friends with people in certain places, and (in a nice way, of course) drill them for all the knowledge you can.

        There is a difference between the winners and losers in life, the winners didn't win by chance. They had something, called the knowledge.

        Learn everything you can from everyone you can.


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          Re: How I will Become an Imagineer

          Thats exactly my plan! Thanx for the info!!!!


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            Re: How I will Become an Imagineer

            I know how you feel. I am working towards being a Designer and Creative Director for Disney Creative Entertainment.
            the road to getting there feels the same my friend.


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              Re: How I will Become an Imagineer

              I think I should post the email i sent Jeannette should I? you knowtcsnwhite maybe we might work together in the future!!!


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                Re: How I will Become an Imagineer

                Originally posted by FutureImagineer183
                ok, due to some mistakes i made some MCs convinced me to start this thread so here's the deal.
                I recently told my best friend(via email) that I want to become an Imagineer and if her boyfriend's aunt was an Imagineer, it turned out that his mom was an Imagineer, so she told her boyfriend if I could get his mom's (too confusing?) email. So, I got Jeannette's email and was soon to write my "essay" asking for help, and after waiting 2 exciting days I finnally got a response. she said-ill just post the email

                Hi Joseph -

                Just wanted to let you know that I received your e-mail and that I'll
                try to answer your questions sometime soon. Hang in there ... !

                ED&E Planning & Scheduling

                I recieved that email in the morning and so far nothing else, but i am sure she is very busy and will get back to me very soon. untill then, i cant wait!!! the first step to my dream is comming true. plz feel free to comment or if you have any questions you would like me to ask her. thanx!!
                P.S. Does anyone know what ED&E Planning and Scheduling means?

                Good to know we have a imagineer that cares A LOT for Disneyland in the future. When we have people like you we get bigger and better ideas instead of going backwards like we are doing now.


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                  Re: How I will Become an Imagineer

                  ok here's the email i sent her(i warn you its really long)

                  <removed cause i got in trouble w/ an imagineer>
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                    Re: How I will Become an Imagineer

                    ok im out for today, but feel free to post i only have limited time lately(Band Camp) I usually go on in the morning and at night and next week ill be on all week and in Sept. school will start so ill be kinda busy(i promised id study to get straight A's instead of just 4 so i can get Advanced Placement classes)


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                      Re: How I will Become an Imagineer

                      ^Extremely well put. I also want to be an Immagineer, so we kinda share a dream. Here's hoping we can re-phrase that one day to "we share a dream come true". See you then my friend!!!!

                      P.S. Just curious, from what you know, what kind of Immagineer do you want to be?

                      And I'm also thinking about ideas for Disneyland all the time. :blush: :ap:
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                        Re: How I will Become an Imagineer

                        That is the main reason why i emailed her, i know how to do a lot of things but i want to know what departments there are so i can find the one shouting for me ( the Imagineering in general was calling me)


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                          Re: How I will Become an Imagineer

                          Future Imagineer183, check your PM


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                            Re: How I will Become an Imagineer

                            I would think college would be a must. Especially since WDI is probably a lot more specialized today. I don't think being an animator suffices anymore.

                            Hopefully in twenty years this quote from DisneyWar will still be applicable. I personally think it is great.
                            "In planning Disneyland, Walt had assembled a handpicked creative team of animators, directors, writers, artists, and set designers from the studio that met secretly to plan a theme park and became known as Imagineers. Originally part of Walt's WED Company, which had creatd such tensions with the Roy side of the family, they had been merged back into the company but still retained their own cultlike status, occupying their own warehouse in Glendale, where new attractions were developed in conditions of top secrecy. In stark contrast to the theme park 'cast members,' Imagineers cultivated and flaunted eccentricity. While some looked like refugees from a 1950s sitcom, others had long hair, ponytails, facial hair, and earrings, in one case so many that the Imagineer's earlobe was distended almost to his shoulder. Thier leader was Marty Sklar, a former publicist for Walt, whose long tenure and close ties to the master gave him immense stature within Disney."


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                              Re: How I will Become an Imagineer

                              I don't think that people really apply to become an Imagineer per se, Disney has lots of divisions and internal companies to choose talented people from. Walt Disney himself commissioned people from the film and TV divisions to form Imagineering. Thankfully, Imagineering doesn't deal with law, bank, or medical. Disney has its own legal, financial and medical departments which are separate entities from WDI.

                              Having said that I would still go for it. If there's one thing Walt Disney stood for it's bucking the odds and not letting his actions be dictated by other people. Keep at it and network with as many Disney folks as you can and you'll have a better chance at it.

                              I can still remember being 10 years old and desperately wanting to work at Disneyland. "It was the perfect job", I thought, "How could anyone not want to work here?". I'd still love to work there but the pay is not good considering what rent costs in Orange County and I'm going to school. If anything, I'd work to preserve Walt's ideals and keep up his legacy to the best of my ability. Money means nothing to me when it comes to working for Walt, and I think Disney has Disneyland-fan CMs by the apricots because they know how much Disneyland means to them.

                              Also, it's good that this subject has its own thread now instead of being a part of a totally different thread. That's much better.
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