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Presentation + Buy Hoppers in Disneyland Resort Hotels?

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  • Presentation + Buy Hoppers in Disneyland Resort Hotels?

    Hello everyone,

    This is my first post in MiceChat. I've been reading the Disneyland forum for some months now. Finally I've decided to join the big family here .

    So, let's start with a fast presentation (and please, excuse my english :P). My name is Rafa, I'm from Spain, I live in Madrid, and I'm 29yo. I love theme parks, as well as some other things, of course (specially photography). I work as a software analyst but some day in the future I would like to stop working for other companies and start my own photography business. (But I have so much to learn about photography that it will take me some time).

    OK, that's it for the moment I think. Feel free to ask whatever you want .

    Now, to the second thing for this post,

    In a couple of weeks I'll be taking some vacations in California, Yooohoo!!. It will be my second time in Disneyland (first time was in 1997, and I almost forgot everything). I'll be staying just for one night in the Grand Californian Hotel. (Rest of the time I'll be visiting Los Angeles and staying in the Loews Hotel in Santa Monica, btw, anybody knows how good is that hotel??).

    So, I made a reservation for the Grand Californian for one night using Disneyland web site. Everything is ok with the reservation. The problem is I couldn't buy the hoppers for the parks. International orders take more than 15 days to arrive here (Spain) so it's not enough time (I'll be there 6th September).

    My question is: to avoid queue lines buying tickets should I:

    a/ Buy online and choose the ticket booth 4 on-site as method for retrieving the tickets?.
    b/ is it possible to buy hoppers directly in the hotel reception desk or concierge when I'll arrive?.

    Thanks so much for your time (this is becoming a long initial post :P).

    Ahm!, one final question for disneyland experts, do you think the parks will be very crowded 6th/7th September?.

    Thanks again,


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    Re: Presentation + Buy Hoppers in Disneyland Resort Hotels?

    The 6th/7th are directly after Labor day and should hopefully be some of the lightest days you'd ever see in the park.

    As for buying tickets...buying online and picking up from the side booth is certainly a good option. Also, if you're not going into the park the same day as you get there, you can buy the tickets in advance and then not use them until the next day to save waiting time.

    Seeing as you're going right after labor day, the ticket lines might not even be worth mentioning.

    Welcome to the boards =D