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Christmas Eve @ the DL. What's THAT like??


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  • Christmas Eve @ the DL. What's THAT like??

    As a christmas present, my husband and I are planning on taking my parents to Disneyland on Christmas Eve. We'll probably get there around 3pm, walk around for a bit and then wait for the fireworks to start. Then we'll get the heck outta there.

    My question is, how's the crowd on that day? Also, my parents are in thier 70's. Both healthy, but my dad had polio as a kid and he's had a bum leg pretty much all his life, so he can't walk around for a long period of time (which is why we're going to DL around 3pm, later in the day).

    So what do you think? Do you think my parents will have a good time just walking around the park, sitting on a bench on Main Street and eating an ice cream cone, waiting for some fireworks? (We probably won't go on any rides. Maybe some tame ones, like Small World for my mom or Haunted Mansion for my dad...)

    Just wanna know what to expect. I like to plan in advance. Thanks for all your help! )

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    Re: Christmas Eve @ the DL. What's THAT like??


    Its as crowded as heck on Christmas my
    It will be PACKED


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      Re: Christmas Eve @ the DL. What's THAT like??

      Whew, be prepared for Long lines and huge crowds. We thought that going to DL on Christmas 14 yrs ago was a good idea. TO kind of do something different and get our minds of my dad who had passed away 2 weeks prior. Oh Lord what a mistake that was. It was sooooooooooooo crowded! Never again
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