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Trip Report #3 July 13, 2008


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  • Trip Report Trip Report #3 July 13, 2008

    Tinkmomma and family go play at Disneyland and DCA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    FYI "Ninja baby" rode in her stroller and was carried everywhere. It was TOO HOT for either of us to wear her so sorry, no Ninja baby in her true form pics!

    On to the report...

    We wanted to get up early and be there when the park opened...our kids decided to stay up late playing so we slept in and made it to the park about 10-ish.

    My son wanted me to take this one, he's been asking us lately to "take a picture" here or there wherever we go.

    Once inside the main gate we were pleasantly surprised to see Alice, the Mad Hatter, Peter Pan and the Disneyland band out front!!! (After just seeing the stroller parade clip on Youtube days earlier we had to laugh.)
    The characters were watching the band, then got some of the kids to play follow the leader and to skip!

    My oldest joined in!

    I saw a small group to the right side, in line to meet someone I knew my kids would want to meet so we slipped over there while the crowd was still enthralled with PP, Alice and the MH's antics.

    Feeling lucky already since this was the first time they'd seen Peter, Alice, Mad Hatter AND Belle, we walked past Cinderella who had a big crowd and whom they've already met and got a signature from, and walked under the bridge only to find SNOW WHITE on the other side!!! The line was not too bad either so OF COURSE we had to wait! She is our 2nd daughter's absolute favorite Princess.

    Our oldest girl was really shy so SW said, "That's ok, I'm used to Bashful!"

    It turned out to be quite a character-meeting morning for our excited kids. More character pictures to come.

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    Re: Trip Report #3 July 13, 2008

    hahaha, Little Skips look so excited!

    Great TR so far!!


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      Re: Trip Report #3 July 13, 2008

      We ended up on Pirates first, kids' choice. It was a walk on, and I had trouble because we got to the front before hubby and baby did! I had to hold back the kids until he caught up to us which was no easy task.

      Then we went on Haunted Mansion. My "easily scared" daughter is doing so well with this ride now. I was proud. I'm sorry but this has to be the weirdest place I've ever had to nurse a baby.

      Next up was going to be Pooh, but baby needed changing so I took her to the 'WC' and daddy took the big kids on Pooh.

      He went picture crazy and they had a blast! I was almost sorry baby and I missed it.

      Gorgeous father daughter picture

      After, we all met back up in line to meet Pooh Bear and his friends.

      How long will this take?

      Sisterly love

      1st ever meeting with Pooh Bear!!!

      Hi Eeyore!

      and Tigger too



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        Re: Trip Report #3 July 13, 2008

        On our walk back toward the HUB for the NOON MEET we ran into Briar Bear and Fox...

        who tried to eat my son's Australia zoo hat!

        We met up with everyone at the HUB..but no sooner did we arrive but my 2 yr old daughter told me she had to try the potty so I took her to the baby care center on Main st. It took us a while to get back. When I returned, baby skip was having a heck of a time settling down. Turns out she really wanted to eat, so we had to go to the mexican restaurant where (sorry forgot the name) we were told the MC ers would be dining for lunch.

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          Re: Trip Report #3 July 13, 2008

          Great pictures, Tinkmomma! The excitement on your kids' faces in the character pictures are just too adorable. Thanks for sharing!


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            Re: Trip Report #3 July 13, 2008


            My daughter and Stitch


            Dan-Tasmic! and kids

            MCers having lunch (I'm sorry I don't know everyone's screen names!)

            Happy Birthday to the Birthday Girl

            Fishbulb greeting the kids (no clue what my daughter is doing)

            Fish and my baby, aw!


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              Re: Trip Report #3 July 13, 2008

              mmmMMmmmm Rancho Del Zocalo! Looked like a fun mini-lunch-meet

              (Sign up and search "Splashmoun10")

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                Re: Trip Report #3 July 13, 2008

                We as a collective group went on Tiki, Jungle Cruise (where my son rode in
                a boat without us) and Pirates (one of my favorite rides).

                Hubby took this outside Pirates

                Argh! Sadly I don't have pictures of us all on any of the rides.

                I do however have a lot of after Pirates shots!


                Dustysage looks like he's announcing something here.

                My kids kind of adopted Kritter and Dan-Tasmic! for the remainder of the day.

                Checking out the window display

                Kritter, Dan-Tasmic! and Sparky86 all stuck with us and we took them through the park and to DCA with us. The kids 'adopted' them and tried to swipe Stitch a couple of times as well.


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                  Re: Trip Report #3 July 13, 2008

                  haha, awwwww

                  The memories are all coming back to me now!

                  What a great meet!


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                    Re: Trip Report #3 July 13, 2008


                    Before park hopping my son ran over, posed and asked me to take this picture. So cute.

                    Not to be outdone by her brother...

                    We headed for A Bug's Land to cool off

                    some got soaked...

                    some weren't too sure...

                    some fell asleep...

                    and everyone relaxed.


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                      Re: Trip Report #3 July 13, 2008

                      I completely forgot, was extremely tired last night when I posted. We went on Midway Mania with 2 of the kids and then King Triton's Carousel! The kids had a blast and loved the glasses at TSMM! Thanks guys. And hubby accidentally fed baby skip some of his Schmoosies Smoothie...Oops!

                      My darling husband techskip, Kritter, Sparky86 and Dan-Tasmic! all went on MM while I sat on a bench with the kids so I could feed baby and we would have a decent seat for the parade that was to come. No MM pics, but everyone seemed to have fun.

                      Next our final event for the day the...
                      PIXAR PLAY PARADE

                      waiting for the parade to begin

                      Here comes Lightening McQueen, aka Stickers! (For the longest time our kids called him Mater...hilarious!)

                      Our son was so excited to see this!

                      Monsters Inc. "Did you finish your paperwork?"



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                        Re: Trip Report #3 July 13, 2008

                        Finding Nemo: Nemo kiss!

                        Hello Space Ranger (she gave them each a high 5)

                        Buzz Lightyear


                        end of parade. Bye Parade!

                        That's All Folks!!!


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                          Re: Trip Report #3 July 13, 2008

                          Originally posted by Tinkmomma View Post

                          I was trying to make little Tinkmomma clap to the music, but I guess she was excited about the parade! haha


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                            Re: Trip Report #3 July 13, 2008

                            Awesome Trip Report.. everyone had such a good time..

                            Gosh.. makes me wish I was there with everyone!

                            DISNEYLAND: It even makes science geeks look cool!!


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                              Re: Trip Report #3 July 13, 2008

                              What a great trip report! It was really nice meeting you and your family on Sunday.


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