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The Best Disneyland Visit Ever!!!


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  • Trip Report The Best Disneyland Visit Ever!!!

    I am pretty new to this forum. Have been a daily visitor and reader for quite a while, but haven't added much until recently. If any of you remember a few of my other questions, I was the one who was asking how to make Disneyland MORE special for my wife's 30th birthday celebration at Disneyland and also asking about the best places to take pictures in the park. You all suggested some really good ideas and I tok you up on a few of them too!! I got her the Birthday Button at City Hall. I made reservations (priority seating) at the Blue Bayou, and at the Wine Country Trattoria at DCA ( before the Electric Light Parade started so we have great seats for the parade). I must extend a big "Thank You" to you all for your ideas.

    Now on to my report...bear with me, there is a lot to say, so hopefully you stick with me throughout me reliving this recent memory making moment at Disneyland.

    My wife and her best freind were both turning 30, so we planned a trip, along with my wife's best friend's sister, to Disneyland with a 3 day park hopper with the plan to do Disneyland one day, rest, DCA another day, rest, and Disneyland again the last day over the span of a week. The Highlander was packed, Disney movies in tow, Mouse ears drawn on the windows with the words "Disney or Bust" prominently placed on the back window. We were ready. We set out from Sacramento to Anaheim and were excited the whole way. We left our kids with family, and while we missed them, we were happy to have adult time to ourselves.

    After checking in to our hotel, and hitting the local taco joint, we settled into the pool lounge chairs to eat and view the nightly fireworks that come from Disneyland. Our hotel was right across the freeway from the back side of Small World so we had a great view of the fireworks. Even without the musical score, it was an awesome show and we all commented on how great our vacation had started and we haven't even made it into the park yet. We had NO idea.....

    Monday morning comes and my first thought is the Monday in the Parks report, but sadly I did not have my computer with me...oh well, we were going to the park anyway. We got the Birthday girls their own Birthday buttons and headed into the Happiest Place on Earth. We saw a few people with the Dream Passes and I pointed them out to my wife and said to her how nice it would be to have those. After starting off slow on the dark rides, we decided to kick off our faster rides with the matterhorn bobsleds. What a great ride and we were laughing and being children the entire ride. What an awesome ride that never gets old.

    Well, the ride finished and we saw a couple of cast members standing at the exit and one is taking pictures of his watch. We thought, um okay, maybe it's a Mickey watch...and he likes it.....okay, still wierd. We start to exit and he tells my wife Happy Birthday and asks her how she has been enjoying the park - great, a pollster....well, we'll humor him (after all, these cast members go out of their way to create memories for us, the least we can do is answer a few questions). He asks her 2 of the wierdest questions I have ever heard from a cast member. He asked if she was a relative of any employee in the park, and if she had a valid form of ID. She said No to the first and Yes to the second. He said she was a potential winner of a Year of a Million Dream prize.

    SWEET, we landed the Dream Passes!!!!
    He asked us to follow him and he took us to a small room inside City Hall. Long walk, but it's Disneyland so who, WE LANDED THE DREAM PASSES!!!!

    We enter the room and just like a TV game show host, one CM asks the other CM to tell us what we potentially won...

    That's when our world flipped on end . . . we were told that we were the potential (potential means you must sign paperwork first) winners of the Grand Prize of the day...the Dream Suite. ARE YOU KIDDING ME????

    Then to top it off, I misunderstood and when they said everything that included, I thought it was an either/or situation. Either she could chose that, OR one of the other things they mentioned..then I found out she got EVERYTHING, and I actually jumped in the air in excitement!! My wife cried and so did her best friend (who never does that).

    We were told to go back to our hotel and be ready to be picked up at 2:15pm. It was now about 11:30, and although we could have stayed at the park a little longer, we were all flying high and would not be able to contained in a line. So off to the hotel we went to pack for the night.

    Right on queue, the white SUV with the Dream Suite logo pulls up and picks us up. They opened doors, grabbed luggage and started us on a whirlwind of 1st class service. We went in a back entrance, through security (NO PHOTOS PLEASE), and when we stopped our Dream granters were there waiting for us with camera in hand. We took a few pictures and went to New Orleans Square to see Queenie and her Jazz Band.

    The crowd took a bit to warm up to Queenie but our little group was a moovin and a groovin just fine. We listened to a few numbers she did and then she asked us to join in on the last one. It was a ton of fun right at the bottom of the steps leading up to the Dream Suite. While the music trailed in the distance, we were escorted up to the Dream Suite and my wife turned the handle to the most magical home we have ever seen.

    I realize that most pictures and even some video can be seen on different internet sites, so I wont go onto all the details about the suite, besides we are all into the "magic" of Disney, so I personally feel it is proper to keep some items quiet in order for others to truely experience the magic for themselves. I will say that a large clock in the foyer goes off every hour and something "magic" happens in that room each time - most times it's something new. The two bedrooms each have something called a "Goodnight Kiss" button on the wall that you press up to three times to see "magic" happen in those rooms. The master bathroom has a large tub/spa in it with blue tiles on the wall. You can press a button and music starts and the room gets dark while tons of stars (and a hidden mickey) are shown. I only say this one due to the fact that it's already common knowledge if you search the web. Speaking of hidden mickeys, I found two new ones I have not seen reported, so I was pretty excited. There is a beautiful patio with Chinese lanterns and fireflies across from the master bedroom. The entire suite is fabulous and the cast members are the best. They truely went out of thier way to make sure we were happy, taken care of, and really felt like royalty at every turn.

    We went to dinner a little early, but they offered to pay for it at the Blue Bayou. Sitting right next to the water we still were in shock over what was happening. This just doesn't happen to us..but it WAS happening to us. Truely humbling!!

    Then we went to the parade, where my wife and the rest of us were placed in a beautiful car to ride in as my wife was the Honorary Grand Marshall and the Mayor of Main Street called out her name for the parade viewers to say congrats. We were riding for like 10 minutes, smiling, waving, laughing, and feeling soooo lucky. Afterward we took a few more pictures and played in the park.

    That night, we viewed Fantasmic (twice) and saw the fireworks from the balcony of the Suite. What a tremendous view we will never have again. It's hard to describe but at the end of those fireworks, during the finale, I stood up, leaned over the edge of the patio railing, and was simply in awe of what I was seeing, feeling, and experiencing. I am such a Disney fan, and for this to happening, felt like, for a moment, those fireworks were for me personally. I know it sounds silly, but I really feel like a had a truely "magical" moment right then (as if the whole day wasn't magical, right?)

    Then, after the park closed we got a private tour of the park in our pajamas and bathrobes (bathrobes provided by Disney). We visited every land, saw Standsalot in Frontierland and Standsalotmore on Main Street, toured the Mark Twain, took pictures in front of the castle while no one was there, and walked hand in hand down Main Street while more pictures were taken.

    We did sleep, for about three hours, but woke up still not believing we were waking up in Disneyland. We checked out at 9 and had breakfast at a Character Breakfast. The flags out front said "The Happiest Birthday on Earth.....and I couldn't agree more.

    Thanks for listening!

    Preserving Your Memories on DVD

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    Re: The Best Disneyland Visit Ever!!!

    That was such an awesome experience! Thanks for sharing and congrats on winning the Dream Suite!


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      Re: The Best Disneyland Visit Ever!!!

      Wow, now that is Disney Magic!

      ~ Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday tomorrow and fantasy


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        Re: The Best Disneyland Visit Ever!!!

        Your story is great! Congratulations!!!


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          Re: The Best Disneyland Visit Ever!!!

          "Happiness is a Low Water Level"


          "Creating magical memories and making Managers cry since 1955!"


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            Re: The Best Disneyland Visit Ever!!!

            Wow! I'm speechless!!! What an amazing Birthday, congrats to all of you that got to experience that!
            I :love: Donald Duck!


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              Re: The Best Disneyland Visit Ever!!!

              How amazing!! So awesome that you got that chance. Thank you for sharing your experience with us and welcome to MiceChat as a poster =D

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                Re: The Best Disneyland Visit Ever!!!

                Wow congratulations! I'm just a little jealous, ok a lot! Did you take any pictures at all that you'll share??
                Curiouser and curiouser...


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                  Re: The Best Disneyland Visit Ever!!!

                  Awesome story and great Trip Report.

                  Welcome to MC ... or should I say ... yay that your not just lurking anymore!!!


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                    Re: The Best Disneyland Visit Ever!!!

                    Welcome to MC

                    What a wonderful story, defintely sounds like the trip of a lifetime. Thanks for sharing

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                      Re: The Best Disneyland Visit Ever!!!

                      What a wonderful experience...Congratulations!!!!


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                        Re: The Best Disneyland Visit Ever!!!

                        What a great story! Congratulations! What a special time in your life to get to experience such a prize. Any pictures?
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                          Re: The Best Disneyland Visit Ever!!!

                          very very cool.
                          To All Who Come to this Happy Place.... Welcome! Disneyland is Your Land!


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                            Re: The Best Disneyland Visit Ever!!!

                            That is awesome! Good for you, your wife, and your other company. That really is a "magical" birthday!


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                              Re: The Best Disneyland Visit Ever!!!

                              Congratulations!!! How cool was it that it was her Birthday!?!?!

                              Couldn't have planned a better trip.


                              xo Linda


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