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Disneyland Birthday Trip...coming soon!!


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  • [Question] Disneyland Birthday Trip...coming soon!!

    Well about a month and a half ago I was supposed to go back to Disneyland after a 3 year absence from my home away from home but as luck would have it, my Boyfriend's little sister woke up sick with a tummy ache so the trip was canceled! Well his family went back on 4th of July weekend but sadly my boyfriend and I were denied once again because we had to stay home and doggy sit our two puppy chihuahuas (Sputnik and Bebop).

    Now finally the date has been set for Sunday August 3rd!! The weekend of my birthday! :yea: Now, I've been saving money since then so I've got money to spend for the first time ever!

    So to get to the point, does anyone have any recommendations as too how i can splurge at Disneyland? Also, I haven't been to Disneyland on a Sunday in like forever! Do you think it would be very packed with people? Any other tips or recommendations are greatly appreciated.

    Thanks everyone!!! :thumbup:
    I :love: Donald Duck!

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    Re: Disneyland Birthday Trip...coming soon!!

    Go to a Mice Chat meet! Get a birthday button at city hall, and don't forget you HM certificate.
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      Re: Disneyland Birthday Trip...coming soon!!

      Well, I recently posted a similiar question on how to make Disneyland MORE special, and many people suggested some great things. Here are some:

      Go to City Hall once you enter the park and tell them it's your Birthday. Even if it's not strictly the same day, they will give you a button that says Happy Birthday and most Cast Members will tell you Happy Birthday. My wife was there last week and she was told Happy Birthday at least 50 times and a few times from guests.

      If they only have the stickers, not buttons, you can go to some kiosks and some of them have the actual button and can switch it out (no cost). The one my wife went to was between Space Mountain and Innoventions.

      We also went to Disney's California Adventure around 7:30 (call ahead to get priority seating) and were seated at the Wine Country Trottoria right on the outside patio. The Electric Light Parade started at 8:45 and we had a great view. If you are only there one day, you WILL miss out on the Fireworks at Disneyland by watching the Light Parade so plan ahead. Fantasmic has been a little enhanced and is a great show, as is the fireworks set to the music "Remember, Dreams Come True" from the 50th anniversary.

      As far as eating, the Blue Bayou is nice since you are basically inside the early part of the POTC ride.

      There is now a place in Toon Town (Fire station I think) that makes custom ears, so you can make your mouse ears out of whatever you want. They even sell Birthday mouse ears and a huge stuffed birthday cake hat (although I only laugh at people who wear the huge hat).

      Most of all, believe in the magic of Disneyland. Emerse yourself into the fantasy world and look for Tink around every mushroom. She suprised us last week with a stay in the Dream Suite Dreams Do Come True!!!
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        Re: Disneyland Birthday Trip...coming soon!!

        Great tips so far!! Thanks!
        One more question, does anyone know the name of that hotel right next to Disneyland? It's by the Mcdonald's?
        I :love: Donald Duck!


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          Re: Disneyland Birthday Trip...coming soon!!

          Sundays have not been very busy lately. My only recommendation is to go to Cafe Orleans and order a dessert they have there. They are called Mickey Beignets. They French style doughnuts. They are served freshly baked with tons of powdered sugar, jelly for dipping and some kind of white cream sauce. They are so so good. They are by far the best dessert that is severed in the park.
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