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Who would you have dinner with?


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  • Who would you have dinner with?

    An invitation comes to you in the mail:

    Dinner for you and a guest at Disneyland's Club 33 to discuss 50 years of dl history. Your decision is this-pick one Imagineer or anyone connected to the park (deceased or living) to dine with. Who would you choose and why?

    I'm sure Walt is the answer for most but I'd like to hear why.
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    Actually I'd like to have dinner with Eisner. We'd have a few issues to discuss, such as the hiring of Pressler, Disneyland being constantly neglected, the thoughtlessness put into TL 98, and how in the 50 year history of Disneyland things always got better til Eisner's brilliant idea of bringing in Pressler. We'd also discuss how the 50th anniversary belongs to Disneyland, and to celebrate the anniversary with other parks is not only an obvious tacky marketing scheme, but an embarassment to Californians and Disneyland.

    Granted this dinner would not be a pleasent one. But then again, who has dinner with somebody just for the purpose of eating? Also, it might be fun to start a food fight. I'd be able to say I beamed Eisner with a plate full of fondu.


    • #3
      Marc Davis, without a doubt!


      • #4
        I would actually have to say Matt Ouimett. I would like to see what he has to say about the 50th anniversary things and see what else he has up his sleeve for improving Disneyland and DCA
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        • #5
          George Lucas. Everyone is probably saying he has nothing to do with Disneyland but remember he had his hand in Captain EO, Star Tours, and Indiana Jones. I would love to hear his thoughts on those attractions and see if there is anyway he could make ammends with Disney for future collaborations especially since it seems the better attractions in the park now seem to be the ones he has had his hands on.

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          • #6
            I would choose Buddy Baker. Then I would give the dinner to my mom so she could have one last giggle with him.
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            • #7
              1)Walt...just because he's Walt
              2)Roy...i'd like to hear his thoughts about what he thought after walk was gone.
              3)Paul Frees...just because his voice is so cool.


              • #8
                Walt of course, but beyond that...Lillian Disney. She had to take a back seat to her husbands obessions. The woman behind the man is so revealing and she was never really interviewed to any extent. I'm sure she would be supportive but i want to hear about his nervous breakdowns, fights about putting that train around the yard and allof the spin put on his image. What was it like on thier trips abroad or when they were poor and first married pre Diane. It would be the ultimate "No Spin" zone.
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                • #9
                  I wonder if anyone has thought of this combination...

                  Eisner and Walt..."The ultimate showdown"...Walt could point out all the things Eisner is doing bad...
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                  • #10
                    Aladin. He's my dream guy. lol
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                    • #11
                      Matt Ouimet.... Try to get some inside info on how the park "really" operates.


                      • #12
                        I would have dinner with Martin Sklar, vice chairman and principal creative executive at Imagineering.


                        • #13
                          I would let my oldest son have the invite and let him invite Matt Ouimet. He recently did a report on him and Matt Ouiment was GREAT in email communication helping him out. It really made my son look like this >>> Now he wants to send a copy of said report to Matt Ouimet to read and he wants to invite him to lunch(yeah he's a little disney geek too)

                          Oh and he got a 95% on the report and all three teachers were blown away about his Disneyland Knowledge! That's my boy

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                          • #14
                            dsnylndmom - you should be proud! I would like to have dinner with Matt Ouimet as well, just so I could pick his brain and find out what he wants to do with the parks.
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                              Have to go with the old favourite Walt - just to see his perspectives on the changes within the park plus just to thank him for so many happy memories, not just at Dl but also his films. Mind you might be fun to invite some of the previous administration to make for a lively debate!


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