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My first trip Report. . . Earthquake!!!


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  • Trip Report My first trip Report. . . Earthquake!!!

    Hi everyone this is my first trip report so bear with me I will post pictures later when I get home.

    Cast: Me (23), DH(22), DD(5), DS(20 Months)
    Accomodations: Best Western Pavilion
    Dates: July 28th- August 2nd

    Ok here goes!1 SO we left right after work on Monday the 28th. We made a quick deotur in Lemoore to buy our highly military discounted 4 day park hopper tickets and hotel vouchers! We were making pretty good time and had no traffic!!! Although right after Magic Mountain my husband got pulled over!! I told him to slow down! The cop asked where we were going and when we said Disneyland he let us off with a warning! Whew!!! So we get to our hotel and hit the sack sometime around 9:30 or 10. I couldnt sleep that night I was sooooo excited! I woke up at 4:30 am and after about an hour of morning sickness. . yeah I am 18 weeks pregnant! I started wakling everyone else up! There is no time for sleeping we had to go to disneyland!!!!

    July 29th, 2008!

    Around 7:20 Am everyone is bathed and headed out the door! We decided to walk the first day and see how it was. Well we got to the gates about 7:50 and waited until 8 and headed straight for Finding Nemo but since it was a magical morning the line was already out of control. . and out 20 month old is not much of a waiter so we decided to try later! We headed over to the matterhorn and it was 5 minutes! So we get to thew front but the baby was an inch to short! So he and I sat it out. they offered to baby swap us but since I am pregnant I figured it is best to sit it out anyone. I followed the rule that if the baby couldn't go on it then I wouldn't. With the exception of two rides but I'll get to those later. SO When DH and DD got off the Matterhorn we headed to FantasyLand and straight to the teacups it was a walk on! It was DS first ride ever!!! He loved it!! Then we went straight to Alice in Wonderland, then Dumbo, Snow White, and Pinnochio! Peter Pan was a long line so we headed down main street and took the train around the park all the way around and then stayed on until we got to New Orleans Square. Then we rode Pirates of the Carribean. By this time it was almost 11 and we were getting hungry. So we walked over to the McDonalds on Harbour. it was packed and DH was getting our drinks while we were sitting down. We heard a rumble then the whoe building started to sway back and forth! At first we thought the Monorail had crashed!! Being from Fresno we dont really feel earthquakes. But being a California native and not seeing a derailed Monorail around we realized it was an earthquake! Wierdest feeling we have ever felt! So then we finish our lunch and head over to California Adventures. We are walking around and realize all the rides are closed. DUh!!! there was an earthquake. So we walk back to the hotel and buy our passes for the shuttle! The walking was too much for this pregnant lady! We decide to take the time to do some grocery shopping and buy a backpack that is a cooler for me to carry around snacks so they stay cool! Then we go swimming and watch the sun wheel from our hotel to see when it is running again! Around 4 we head to Dennys for dinner! Kids ate for free!!! Then get on the shuttle to California Adventures. We catch the Pixar Play Parade and go do all the rides in A Bugs Land. Then hubby gets a fast pass for Californi Screaming and he uses that then we go on the Sun Wheel a Swinging Gondola of course! Hubby and DD didnt expect to go flying backward although I did! I spent most of my Senior Grad Nite on the sun wheel. There reactions were priceless. We ride King Tritans Carousel and then head over to DL to catch the Fireworks. After the Fireworks we get some ice cream and go back to the hotel.

    Stay tuned for the next day!

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    Re: My first trip Report. . . Earthquake!!!

    First and foremost, welcome to MiceChat.

    Great report so far. It is interesting to hear where everyone was when the earthquake hit. You were smart to head back to your hotel and swim and rest. Taking it all in stride ... good for you.

    Looking forward to the rest of your trip and the pictures.

    And can I just say, Bless You. Two little ones and another on the way. Wow. :bow:


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      Re: My first trip Report. . . Earthquake!!!

      Great TR! and welcome to MiceChat.


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