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Disneyland ticket hikes


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  • [Chat] Disneyland ticket hikes

    Another year, another ticket hike well beyond typical inflation. I don't know if Disney actually realizes it, but there's a recession going on and people are actually tightening their budgets. It now costs $94 *per person* for park hopper tickets! Even the single-park ticket is $69 now. That might not affect AP holders in any way, but you tell a family of 4 visiting from Arizona that they're going to have to pay almost $275 just to park and get in...and after paying all that money for gas or plane tickets.

    The only people who can really afford Disneyland now are the local annual pass holders and foreigners, who's currency is incredibly powerful against our weak dollar. I know I, myself, have been getting more acquainted with Knott's, Sea World and Legoland simply because I cannot afford Disneyland anymore. Not only are these parks cheaper in general, they have discounts everywhere almost all the time.

    Disney has lost a lot of money on me because I obviously want to go to Disneyland in the WORST way, but I live too far away for an annual pass and after the gas from San Diego county, I'm looking at over $200 a day for just 2 people. As a student, that is 1/5 of my entire month's salary...a salary that also includes eating and living with a roof over my head. There is no possible way I can go to Disneyland at these prices. And their competitors are reaping the benefits because I've been going to them since they're far more affordable and closer.

    Disney is not invincible, and as much as I hate to admit it, Disneyland is not a necessity. In a time when people are looking to cheaper and more local entertainment, raising the price of admission is not a prudent move. The Disney Decade might have been good to Disney, and seems to have lasted a few years beyond, but the days of gouging guests and still reaping a profit seem to be over. Even at $48,000 a year, it would cost 12% of an entire paycheck just to get a family of 4 into one park for one single day...and that's without gas costs!

    I don't know what they teach MBA's nowadays, but they seemed to have missed the day they were teaching supply and demand. The local APs can't keep Disneyland fueled forever.

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