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My worst fear as a godmother...


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  • My worst fear as a godmother...

    My goddaughter, who is not even two yet, is going to Disneyland for her birthday. When my aunt and uncle adopted her, it was agreed that she would not go until she was three. Then, a few months ago, she fell in love with Minnie, and we figured, "Well, 3 years old should be okay." Now I hear my uncle, her father is going to take her for her 2nd birthday next month. My aunt, who knows how I feel about this, said, "But we're only gonna take her to Fantasyland and Toontown..." Here is my problem:

    1. She is entirely too young, that simple. I (though biased, but not the only person who thinks so) agree that for her age and previous circumstances (she's adopted from China, just so you know, lots going on there), but she is not at all ready for such a censory overload. (I know I'm asking for it with this, but this is how I feel)
    2. "it's only fantasyland and toontown"???? Isn't that the bulk of it the first time you go as a kid???
    3. She has not even seen Disney movies very much. It's taken her a while to get into 2-D animation, so in that, she's a little behind (Not my fault, I swear). The only Disney movie (full-length animated feature, not just DVD compilations, etc.) she has seen was half of Dumbo and that was with me!!!

    Sorry, I just had to vent where I thought appropriate... :bang: :bash:
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    Re: My worst fear as a godmother...

    Oh, I'm sorry about that...
    Parents get funny trying to show there kids the best, funnest things in the world. Sometimes practicality goes out the window. This trip will certainly be more for the parents than your goddaughter.
    Don't worry about it to much, you'll have many more things to weigh in on as that beautiful baby grows!


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      Re: My worst fear as a godmother...

      At least 2 years is better than say, 2 months, or 2 weeks!


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        Re: My worst fear as a godmother...

        I personally don't see the problem, I really don't. Kids that age go there all the time.

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          Re: My worst fear as a godmother...

          I'm sorry you have to deal with it. I'm sure being a godparent is tough in that respect. You feel the responsibility, but can't do anything about it...

          However, I have to say, if the child's parents taking her to DL at 2 years old is your "worst fear as a godmother", you're in good shape!
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            Re: My worst fear as a godmother...

            Mom and Dad will remember more about that trip than the 2 year old ever will. And I would gently remind you that you Are the godmother, not the Mother of this child. The timing of the first trip to Disneyland is up to the parents.
            When she is older and you have had a chance for her to get "into" the whole Disney thing you will have ample opportunities to have many Firsts with her at Disneyland. They may not be the Actual firsts, but they will be the first time she experiences them with You. My kids have gone to Disneyland/ WDW since before they could crawl. They really don't start to remember it very well until they are in elementary school. My memories are priceless.
            I'm sorry you feel so strongly about it. Please try to temper your feelings on the issue. It really would be unfair to make your aunt and uncle feel badly for something they want to do with Their daughter. Perhaps you could be included in the outing so you don't miss the "firsts".

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              Re: My worst fear as a godmother...

              She wont remember any party , Chucky Cheese ( i remember ...nightmare hellish place ) for my daughters parties... at home ugh too much work cleanning house and making all look pretty for the relatives to invade... Pictures at disneyland pricelesss... she will always have those to look at! Sensory overload ? Little ones need this in their world they are too young to sense overload just sights colors, sounds , smells , over tired yes it happens. Just think this may start a birthday tradition and at 4 or 5 up till 18 will become a part of her birth rite and what better way to celebrate!


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                Re: My worst fear as a godmother...

                Actually, I've been going to Disneyland since I was a few months old and I spoke my first words there. I am told that I was so captivated sitting in my stroller looking around at such an amazing park that I never said a word when I was there, even after I could talk. I honestly have no idea if going there as a baby influenced my obsession with Disneyland, but I was not hurt by going there so young. There's really never an age that's "too young" for Disneyland. In fact, I'd expose a child as soon as possible to the park because I believe it really does nurture a lifelong apprecation for the park.

                I think a common misconception is that Disneyland is only for kids around the age of 6-12. It's ironic because that is exactly the reason Walt built Disneyland, to create a park the ENTIRE family can enjoy. A 2-year old can have just as much fun as an 80-year old or a 12-year old and that's the magic behind Disneyland. I do admit there is somewhat of a sensory overload at that age, but no more than the real world. I remember I used to have nightmares about Matterhorn, Thunder Mountain and America Sings because I was a baby and petrified of just seeing those rides. And before anyone starts laughing for being afraid of America Sings, when you're 2 years old, ANYTHING can be turned into a nightmare. But Disneyland also gave me such hopes and dreams that I will never forget as a baby and later as a kid.

                Just make sure to keep her away from the fireworks. Those enormous shells they use could be very scary to a baby so young, especially with the accompanying boom.


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                  Re: My worst fear as a godmother...

                  Wow. I thought I was the only one who thought infants just should not be at the park!!!! Its too much for them! And they get no benifit. They are in a stroller bumping into everyone, loud noises, lots of people, and they cant go on any rides! A parent always needs to stay behind when the others have fun, lots of crying, and the poor child simply wont remember it or get anything good out of the experance.

                  Please. Leave the very young ones at home. Dont stress them out so young, and dont run over my feet with your carts.


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                    Re: My worst fear as a godmother...

                    Originally posted by Morrigoon
                    I personally don't see the problem, I really don't. Kids that age go there all the time.

                    for real-wtf? unless it is a money issue, even at 2 its fun. my bro went at about that age and still has a residual love of Disneyland that makes him come from IOWA with his kids 3 times a year. ::shrug:: me here in SF- 'bout 5. with and without : :squeeze:
                    - PanTheMan



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                      Re: My worst fear as a godmother...

                      I took both my kids before they were 2(though I am sure her life has been different) and they loved it.
                      We always went to the hotel if there was a problem, which there never was. Granted they didn't go on a lot of rides, but they loved the parades. I loved taking them in the stores and buying what they were clinging to. They Both loved Fantasmic at that age also. My son even remembered it the next year.
                      My daughter loved the tram ride form the parking structure to DTD!! I would do it over in a heart beat.
                      I am sure it will be ok. If not you can always say, I told you so! But kids are really resilient. Maybe you shoul ask yourself why it is you are feeling this way.


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                        Re: My worst fear as a godmother...

                        Taking a child that young to the park is not about her memories, it is about the memories her parents will have, about remembering sharing the baby's first trip to Disneyland. Trust me, I don't remember visiting for the first time when I was 18 months old, but my mom gets whisked away someplace even just thinking about it.
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                          Re: My worst fear as a godmother...

                          I think people will do what they want no matter what anyone thinks. Up to the parent on what they do with there kids. As long as everyone is happy.
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                            Re: My worst fear as a godmother...

                            My oldest child made his first trip to DL at almost three. It was a wonderful trip that he does vaguely remember (he's 10 now). So, when my daughter was 11 months and we went to DL I worried that she would be difficult, fussy, etc. That trip turned out the be the trip I will never forget. She enjoyed some rides, laughing in iasw, etc. But, I enjoyed the pace she made us take. I actually sat in NOS with a good book, relaxed and read while she slept. I never would have done this, but it turned out to be one of my favorite memories of DL. We slowly shopped while she napped in the stroller, we adults took turns riding with my then, 7 year old son. It was wonderful!
                            Be happy that visiting DL is such a big concern, others have soo much worse to worry about!


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                              Re: My worst fear as a godmother...

                              The first time that I went to a Disney theme park was in 1997. I went to Walt Disney World, with my husband and then 4 1/2 year old grandson. We all had a marvelous time. He does not remember everything, but it was so much fun seeing it with him. We have been back to WDW together now 3 times and I am hoping to take him to Disneyland next year.

                              I agree that taking your kids to Disneyland, can be about wanting them to have a great time. It is also about wanting to see their reactions. Children are the wide-eyed innocents. As long as we are smart enough to not let them get cranky and over tired, the experiences can be some of our best ones in the parks. I was 50 before I made it there, and having a 4 1/2 year old there, did make us slow down and enjoy more of the simple joys of the parks.

                              Took us til 2003 to get back. When I would ask my grandson if he wanted to go back to Walt Disney World? He would tease me and say "no". I would ask him "why not?" He would reply. "Because the castle is not a cake anymore". He remembered that the most of all. Now he always wants to go, and I don't have to ask twice. We are making it a yearly outing. So much fun.

                              Parents just want to share Disneyland with their kids and they should. Just be responsible about it, and they will remember.


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