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My 2nd Trip Report! 8/6/08


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  • Trip Report My 2nd Trip Report! 8/6/08

    First off, no pictures. I apologize.

    So, the day started out arriving at the Park at 8:30. By the time we got in, Indy had a 35 minute wait, so we got fastpasses and headed off to the Jungle Cruise. Our Skip changed up he jokes and avoided everything Indy which was great considering the usual jokes about that stupid umbrella, etc. The whole ride seemed to be in great condition. Now, because I can't remember what we did in order, I'll just give some observations from here on.

    The parks were generally the busisest I've seen them all summer. There were a lot of people, but the off days were still just as crowded. Does Disneyland even have an off season anymore?

    Monorail Purple was out all day without Blue or Red to accompany it. They were running round trips up until closing for obvious reasons.

    There was a band playing at Tommorowland Terrace that I had never seen before. More hardcore type music. They seemed to have a really big following.

    Innoventions broke down. Yes, it really did. They evacuated the whole building and opened up about 20 minutes later. The line never dropped below 20 miniutes.

    Space Mountain had a hefty line at 55-60 minutes about all day. We used fastpass and got down to the loading dock. A family of...err.. not so smart people took too long to sit down and put the whole ride in a holding pattern. They turned off the music and turned on the lights. CM's went into the mountain to push people out while the loading dock CM's entertained us by starting the wave and cheering everytime a car came out. They them loaded people back in and were off!

    Splash Mountain was very busy until closing. The way we usually do it is single rider during the afternoon and then come back around 10 when there is no line. We came back at 10 and it was still a 40 minute wait, so we just went watch Fantasmic! for once.

    Fantasmic! is really a great show. I was amazed that we found a spot at starting time that was completely uncrowded and was only slightly obstructed. We left right after the finale to beat the crowd to the train. I got on the first train as people horded to get on. While the train was packed, we went in the caboose where absolutely no one was..

    I apologize for jumping around a bit, so back to day light hours!

    We rode Pirates early in the day and it went 101 while we were on it! I was thinking "evac evac evac" but sadly or not they fixed what ever the problen was and we moved on.

    Thye Matterhorn broke down a few times and had a hefty line the entire day, even during the fire works when you an usual ride over and over again.

    Nemo was only running 6 subs. The other two were out but not running. I never found out why.

    Winnie the Pooh was a 6 minute wait so we decided to go on. The ride was not as bad as I had believed it was. I wish it weren't there but it isn't terrible. They keep a lot of the cars in the station which reminds med of Snow White...

    Big Thunder was only about a 10-20 minute wait all day which was really nice. We rode it anytime we got board, and alway in row 15.

    Now on to California Adventure...

    Who thought this would be a good time to close the water parks!!!

    Soarin' was excellent and was fairly crowded. Single Rider took about 15 minutes which was nice.

    GRR was a long line all day rivaling Splash Mountain. Didn't bother with it because the line was so long.

    Screamin' was between 45 and 50 minutes except for after it broke down. They were only running two trains when it came back up, so unless you were in the line of people waiting for it to reopen, the wait quickly turned ugly due to the low capacity. I personally believe to front is the best spot on that ride.

    ToT remained an extremely short line the entire day also. I never saw themo raise the sign pass 13 and it really was more than a 20 minute wait. The ride needs to have a random drop sequence because it's starting to get a little boring.

    TSMM was a 2.5 hour line and single rider was pretty short so we rode that a few times.

    I think my biggest problem with DCA is the design of the queues. Screamin's line is barely long enough on a busy day, while Monsters Inc. has an extended queue that's huge that's they didn't even bother to paint because no one is ever in it. Same thing with Golden Dreams. It can hold like 350 in the theatre and the line holda baout a 700- 1000. Who would wait that long??? That line needed to be at GRR or at Screamin. Even Mulholand Madness.

    Okay, not a great report and very lengthy but I hope you liked it. Not much to tell I guess...

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    Re: My 2nd Trip Report! 8/6/08

    Wow. Lots of 101's that day.

    And only 2 cars on Screamin? What a nightmare for the CMs!!

    Thanks for sharing your TR with us.
    kingdom hearts <3er


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