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Since '55


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  • [Question] Since '55

    This may be a really stupid question, so please remember I, essentially, know very little about DL and the DL Resort. Is there any ride that has been running, unchanged, untampered with, unaltered, since '55? I suspected the Fantasyland dark rides, but is there anything else? Just thought this was an interesting question but sorry if it seems a stupid one.

    Thanks, Fizzog

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    Re: Since '55

    Not a stupid question at all. The short answer is no. But that's not to say that there are no opening-day attractions remaining--it's just that they've been changed in notable ways. The Jungle Cruise, the Mark Twain, the railroad, and the teacups come to mind. The Mark Twain is the least changed, since its route remains the same as it was on opening day. Some of the sights have just changed. The others have had their routes changed, new scenes introduced, and in the case of the teacups, even been moved to an entirely different location.

    As far as the FL dark rides go, you're correct about Peter Pan's Flight, Snow White's Scary Adventures, and Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. Pinocchio replaced the Fantasyland Theater some time later, and It's a Small World isn't one of the original attractions either. Furthermore, Fantasyland received a significant overhaul in the early 80s that changed a lot of things.


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      Re: Since '55

      Was the Omibus and the Fire Engine original? Maybe even the main street cinema might be considered untampered with.


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        Re: Since '55

        The Main Street Cinema can't be considered untampered with, I don't think, but the Main Street vehicles ought to be original, IIRC.


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          Re: Since '55

          This Page Has a pretty thorough overview of many aspects of Disneyland that is still left from 1955, EXCEPT they missed including the Jungle Cruise. If you look at the details, pretty much ALL the original attractions still in operation have been refurbished, updated, replaced, and/or changed to certain extents.

          As for specific Attractions

          Disneyland Railroad - the stops have changed from Frontierland, Fantasyland, and Tomorrowland to New Orleans Square, Toontown, Tomorrowland stops, as well as the addition of the Grand Canyon and Dinosaur displays. Not to mention the additional/change out of Engines, as well as the passenger cars.

          Main Street Vehicles - these have probably seen the fewest changes

          Autopia - there used to be 3 separate tracks, and the cars were changed out a few times. Most recent change was immediately after the TL'98 fiasco.

          King Arthur Carousel - the music has changed over the years, horses were eventually all painted white, major refurb in the early 2000's

          Peter Pan - given a major makeover and extended ride in the early 80's makeover of Fantasyland, updates to the effects/lighting, and replaced the original tent facade.

          Snow White - given a couple of updates, and extended ride in the early 80's makever of the Fantasyland, and replace the original tent facade.

          Mr. Toads Wild Ride - also given an update and extended ride in the early 80's makeover of Fantasyland, and replaced the original tent facade.

          Dumbo - Got an entirely new Dumbo attraction (with more elephants) in fact, this particular attraction was originally built for and designed for Disneyland Paris.

          Casey Jr. Circus Train - Not too much of a change, except for the scenery of Storybookland, which was not open when DL opened, and also scenery changed again when Storybookland was updated with Aladdin and Little Mermaid.

          Mark Twain - Not too much of a change, except for it's scenery also, as Frontierland changed over the years.

          Jungle Cruise - Several scenes updated over the years, a slight change in the rivers course, during the addition of Indy.

          Mad Tea Party - Location of the Tea Party was changed.
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            Re: Since '55

            Jungle Cruise - Several scenes updated over the years, a slight change in the rivers course, during the addition of Indy.
            There was a more significant change to the layout sometime after 1960, too. The basic shape didn't change, but the whole river expanded a bit to the southwest.


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              Re: Since '55

              The path of the Mark Twain changed when Fantasmic was installed, with its new route bringing it closer to the walkway and further from the island as it passes New Orleans Square. Plus, the narration has changed mulitple times, and there used to be a live Dixieland band on board.

              The carrousel added a foldaway bench for wheelchairs, and technology to make it always stop in line with the wheelchair ramp. And besides the horses being changed to all white, I think the whole paint scheme has changed over the years, although I may be wrong. I'm not even sure if the painted murals were there originally.

              The Disneyland Railroad has changed significantly since opening day. See various articles for details.

              The Jungle Cruise has new scenes, a much more humorous tone than it originally had, and most or all of its AA animals have been replaced with upgraded versions.

              Not just the exteriors, but the interiors of the original dark rides have been changed drastically.

              So mostly, yeah, Main Street vehicles, minus the surrey that was there in the early days. And that's pretty much it.


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                Re: Since '55

                I think virtually every attraction has been changed, tampered with or altered in some way or another. Even the Mark Twain has had her boiler replaced, companion ways moved, mint-julep bar eliminated, electric generator added.

                I agree that some of the Main Street vehicles (most notably, the two horseless carriages) probably are the least-tweaked, but even they have had tire changes, etc. The other Main Street vehicles (Omnibusses and fire engine) are not 1955 originals.

                Probably the least-changed attraction of all would either be the horse-drawn street cars (the only change I can think of to these was removing the fare signs, but I'm not sure signs attached to the vehicles--unnecessary to the operation of the vehicles themselves--really counts), or the horse-drawn fire wagon in the fire house (once a working attraction).

                Perhaps the medal should go to this original surrey, still owned by Disneyland, unchanged since 1955--including still sporting her fare sign-- if that counts.

                Last edited by Steve DeGaetano; 08-11-2008, 06:29 AM.


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