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Trip report, with photos, from Dec 2007


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  • Trip Report Trip report, with photos, from Dec 2007

    Better late than never ??????

    DECEMBER 28 - JAN 1, 2008

    NUMBER OF GUESTS: one !!!

    FRIDAY Dec 28, 2007

    Uh-oh. They weren't very nice to me at the front-desk of Grand Californian. However, a lot of it was me. I forgot to order my advance advance....and had to pay the Main Gate prices for a 5-day Parkhopper (Ouch...over $220.00 ).

    And then, they didn't have any King-bed rooms, (On a Friday morning?) .....and then I wanted a special type of the center of the corridor....

    So maybe I'm the one who has a problem? Still, at those prices (450.00 a night plus 15% tax)'d think they'd be very patient, and tolerant, with a finicky fussbudget like myself. They weren't, and it was disappointing.

    However, the fantastically soothing Submarine made up for everything. Easily my new favorite attraction, and I didn't even mind standing in the 3-hour? line (killed some time waiting for my room) to ride that great thing. Walt would be so proud. And, it really needed the freshening. They've got a state-of-the-art, perfect attraction with that new Submarine!

    Meals: Breakfast at Lilo & Stitch, and late dinner at the Storytellers Buffet.

    SATURDAY December 29, 2007

    I wish I could remember something noteworthy about this day. Was this an early-entry day ? I think it was, but I didn't get to the Maingate until about 7:20 am....and, of course, by that time....the Submarine line was about 1 hour. But that was ok. When you adore the ride, you don't mind the line !

    I think my meals were the same as Friday. Breakfast at Lilo and Stitch, but late late late at about 11:30 am-ish. And, a very late Storytellers Buffet at about 8:30 pm-ish. Do they close at 9 ? I think I totally missed the Electrical Parade, each night, because of all the late late late Storytellers Buffet dinners.

    SUNDAY December 30, 2007

    I think this was the day when I rode Grizzly several times in a row. I wanted to get my Grizzly riding all out of the way before the 31st, when those heavy winds were forecast, so this seemed like the day to do it. The only thing was, I wanted to have a couple of night rides on Grizzly, which I never got to. But, it got kind of cold at night, and I was just getting over a long time, definitely several night, and just as the sun is setting---rides on Grizzly !


    I hadn't had a Chip & Dale breakfast since 2004, and I didn't think it was much back then. Back then were C&D only staying in the lobby ? Wow, what a difference these days. Nowadays, C & D come right up to your table....and this was a very late breakfast 11:30 am-ish ??? And, the food seemed much improved. I adored their wonderful beef stew. An omelet's an omelet, but the French toast was good. (Minnies Plaza French Toast is better IMHO) In any case the Storytellers Breakfast just seems like it's vastly improved since my 2004 visit .

    Sadly, dinner at Goofy's had gone downhill. The menu didn't seem to include any of my old favorites from 2006, and what there was seemed lacking in quality and homemade freshness. What with the price increase, and mandatory gratuity........I don't if I will continue to patronize Goofy's at dinner.

    MONDAY December 31, 2007

    Now, get ready....because this day I remember very very clearly. Unforgettable.

    This was the one day that I woke up for EE at 6:30 am....after a very well-rested sleep. (Unusual for me, a total insomniac). Anyway, after a solid 8, or 9-hours, of great sleep, I felt energetic and ready to go!
    I got to the Maingate at about 6:55 am, and this time, ran ran ran (walked fast?) to the Submarine, and got there early enough for only about a 20-min wait.

    Wonderful way to start the New Year's Eve morning-----on that sublime Submarine.

    So, after that I thought I'd better go get an Indy Fastpass. As the matter of fact, much of that morning was spent getting Indy Fastpasses every hour on the hour.

    Minnie's Plaza Breakfast at 10:00 am: --- And, they were packed, obviously. It's NYE morning! I had a reservation, though. Those omelet lines were right out the door and onto the steps. I didn't care. I love New Years Eve breakfast at Minnies.....and the cheerful Holiday crowds, no matter how crazy-busy they get on that day...... just creates an even more festive environment, at least on a NYE morning.

    The morning couldn't possibly have gotten any better....till I won a Dream Fastpass for the 11:30 am riding the Fire Truck back down Mainstreet.

    Everybody who happened to be on the Fire Truck, headed down Main Street at 11:30 am NYE.....was handed a Dream Fastpass !!! But guess what song was playing on the Main Street Christmas loop, as they handed out Dream Fastpasses....


    ---My totally favorite song ever, on that whole loop !

    Music to receive your special NYE Dream Fastpass by !!!

    If ever there were a song that made that moment, it was that one.
    Special moment, and yes I was in tears, which was a touch embarrassing. An incredible NYE morning, and what a way to start the day.

    (Still NYE, December 31, 2007)

    I hate to bring things down, but I got back to the Hotel room at about 12:00 pm on a NYE....with a huge handful of fastpasses in addition to the Dream Fastpass.....and wondered how I was ever going to make use of all of those.

    A problem that many would love to have? And, on the most crowded day of the year?

    Yes, I'm kind of an Ingrate, but I couldn't help wonder about the burden of having to use up all these in a single (crowded) day.

    I think I racked up about 6 different fastpasses for Indy alone.

    Well, I rolled up my sleeves, and at about 4 pm, set out to utilize some of these fastpasses, Dream and regular.

    I tell ya something: One really learns that 'Fastpass' does not mean 'Walk-on'....and definitely not on NYE !!!!!

    I did pretty well, though, and from about 4-9 pm, on a crowded (but not insanely crowded) NYE, I knocked off about 12 major attractions and, pretty-much, used up the whole 'Dream Fastpass' at both DCA and the main Park.

    That's not bad.

    Of course, by 9 pm, I was exhausted from all that running from attraction to attraction. And, frankly (unlike the prior year)......I wasn't planning in being in the Park for the big Midnight Countdown....which was (sadly) cancelled anyway, due to high-winds . I think they had some sort of abbreviated version of the Midnight Countdown. So, it worked out. No sense running to catch an abbreviated Countdown, after the prior year, when I slaved to watch the real thing.

    When the clock struck 12 midnight, I was just alone in my GCH room.

    (I think I've got a picture, in my updated photo albums, of the Gideons Bible, with my Dream Fastpass, on the GCH bed)

    Sometimes it's nice to have a moment to yourself at that very moment, (strike of 12).....which is kind of what I had planned for this New Years Midnight, as opposed to the prior year, at the strike of 12 midnight and being out in the thick of things.

    This year, as the clock struck 12, was definitely more solemn and reflective for me.

    But hey, the night is still young....they were open till 2 am.... So, put on my skates and Trotsky'd on over to the Maingate at about 12:30 am-ish.

    First ride of the New Year ? Space Mountain of course ! Twice (I had extra fastpasses, naturally).

    What a great way to ring in 2008.....two consecutive (near walk-on) rides on Space Mountain !!!!

    That was fun.

    You know a first-ride-of-the-New Year on Space Mountain at 1:00 am, January 1, 2008...... is kind of equal to the magic of riding Small World on a Christmas Eve !!!

    So anyway, one last final meal at 2:30 am (Main Street stayed open till 3 am !!!!!) .....was a chili-Cheese bowl at 'Refreshment Center'.

    It was edible. )

    Listen, it was 2:30 am, and I was just glad to have something to take back to my hotel room at that hour.


    TUESDAY January 1, 2008

    Goodbye Day.

    And, I remember very little.

    Did I go on one ride? After doing all those attractions the previous day, I think I was all rided-out.

    I know I took in one last Christmas Fantasy Parade, and I do remember a fantastic fried-chicken dinner at Plaza Inn. They gave me, like, six drumsticks, and extra gravy and the whole thing, with AAA, wasn't more than $8.00, I don't think. I had left-overs, and remember thinking how much better they were than French Market's fried chicken.

    ...and there you have it.

    My 2007 Trip Report !!!


    How negative are we allowed to go in these Trip Reports? Thought my GCH room was much smaller than the prior year, and overpriced (sigh) which can't be surprise, but still hurt nonetheless.

    But, you know, the moment of 11:30 am on December 31.....being handed a Dream Fastpass on the Fire Engine, to the strains of David Rose Christmas Waltz.... there's a moment that cannot be equaled, and no amount of money can buy.

    Or, first ride of the New Year (twice) on Space Mountain...

    These are moments that kind of set the tone for the whole year ahead, so in the end, I have no regrets, and will probably do the whole thing over again this coming Holiday !

    What can I say ? It's only money, right ?


    and here---
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    Re: Trip report, with photos, from Dec 2007

    Better late than never ??????

    Of course, hey at least you posted your TR before December 2008!!!
    Taking contributions to get me back to Disneyland!


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      Re: Trip report, with photos, from Dec 2007

      You know what? It kind of builds momentum and gets me in the mood to plan for December 2008's trip.

      I like the idea of holding back a little something...for when I need it most. The Summer doldrums, yet the feeling that the season is on the way. I think now is a good time to remember and look back on last year's holiday.

      I just wasn't in the mood, back in January to upload photos and do up a trip report.

      At that time, I just wanted to move on. Right now, it's kind of fun, to do this ! IMHO
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        Re: Trip report, with photos, from Dec 2007

        I know what you mean I can't wait for Christmas at DL!!!
        Taking contributions to get me back to Disneyland!


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          Re: Trip report, with photos, from Dec 2007

          Pisces, you have inspired me... I'm going to post 2 very late TRs!

          All in all looks like your trip was a success!


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            Re: Trip report, with photos, from Dec 2007

            Oh, I'm so thrilled. You know, part of it, is sometimes it's good to put some distance between you, and the report.

            You get a better perspective if you mull it over , and let it marinate...sometimes. And, you know, whatever you can't remember, down-the-line.......might not have been significant in the first place....and yet, 7 months later.....if something still does, in fact, stand out to you.....then you know it's worth noting.

            Well, I'm not saying you have to wait 7-months, exactly. I just felt like I needed some time to gather my thoughts (although, again... I'm not sure it had to be 7-months ) !!!

            Again, you know, it just feels like the Fall is coming up, which means Holidays must be right around the corner, days speeding up, slight chill in the air (kind of?) .....and starting to think about saving money and decorations and what not... Doing this now was a breeze, and fun. Whereas, in January, it would have felt like a chore, and I would have had to force myself, what with the sadness that the Holidays were so far off and over, at that point in time.

            Does that make sense ?
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              Re: Trip report, with photos, from Dec 2007

              Great TR! Very fun to read!
              Angels Fan, born and raised.
              Come on you Galaxy.


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