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Submarine Voyage Finding Nemo Mix


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  • [Other] Submarine Voyage Finding Nemo Mix

    Rewind to early 2007, Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage would open in a few months. I was currently working on my Submarine Voyage at the time and I was eagerly awaiting the new attraction to open at Disneyland, being that the old ride was one of my top favorites. I thought with the ride coming, that I might "Nemo-fy" my ride every so slightly in anticipation of the new ride. I did this through the narration. I took the original narration and dubbed in excerpts from the Finding Nemo movie score to fit the mood, tone, or whatever was going on in the scene. In my opinion, this what they should of did, update the old ride with a touch of nemo.

    Finally, the track is surfacing on here.You can find some rough cuts between the music, since this was done on my old computer where transitions weren't the best.

    Anyway, Enjoy!

    I may have a link to download if one wants to listen to this on their iPod without the YouTube quality degrading.

    EDIT: Here is the link:
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    Re: Submarine Voyage Finding Nemo Mix

    I now have a link for it above.
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