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Peoplemover updates...?

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  • Peoplemover updates...?

    Have their been any updates or announcements regarding a possible new Peoplemover yet? Figured I would ask; it's been awhile. Anything?

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    Re: Peoplemover updates...?

    ill ask Jeannette(if i remember)


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      Re: Peoplemover updates...?

      Yes, we need updates...many many many updates! Bring back the PeopleMover!
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        Re: Peoplemover updates...?

        i emailed Jeannette but, she might not answer soon because of jury duty and tommorrow is the Band Picnic, im out for today bye!


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          Re: Peoplemover updates...?

          I posted a thread about it in the Ask Al forum. Haven't heard much of the PeopleMover since he announced that Disney had the plans for it.


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            Re: Peoplemover updates...?

            I remember back in June there was a boatload of threads concering the people mover/Rocket rods.Now I never see them anymore.It makes me worry
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              Re: Peoplemover updates...?

              That's because of the number of posts with words to the effect of "Enough peoplemover talk already!"

              Personally, I can't get enough. If it were up to me, I'd have a whole board devoted to them.
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                Re: Peoplemover updates...?

                We want's the redhead...I mean, we want's the Peoplemover. We want's the Peoplemover.

                This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.


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                  Re: Peoplemover updates...?

                  Theres still one at WDW....
                  Go Bengals.



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                    Re: Peoplemover updates...?

           thats on Vision Fantastics it has about everything new going on with the Peoplemover so enjoy..
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                      Re: Peoplemover updates...?

                      I talked to Jeannette face to face yesterday, but i completely forgot to ask her but she'll email me, dont worry ill have your answer soon. btw Jeannette is sooooooo cooool and nice!


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                        Re: Peoplemover updates...?

                        The PeopleMover got a brief mention in an Al update and it stated they'd be considering it in a few weeks (from that time) depending on how well the 50th celebration was doing. As much as we all want that ride back, we have to try to stop reading into the situation and assume the PeopleMover is not coming back any time soon. The 50th is doing exceptionally well and they might hold off on the PeopleMover until later now because when you're packing a park with 60,000 people, there's no real need to spend tons of money trying to attract more guests. They haven't painted the remaining portion of the track outside Tomorrowland and even if they did budget it today, it wouldn't be available until around 2007. As far as I see it, PM 2.0 is dead until we hear otherwise from Al. Al's very good at resisting the temptation of posting rumors or drumming up pseudo-news just to fill an update and until he's verified something and has enough to do an update, it doesn't get posted. But a brief mention of something that was being considered and hasn't been mentioned since then does not bode well for the existance of a PM 2.0 in the near future.

                        As I remember, the PeopleMover was riding a little rough towards the end of its life. It'll be nice to get a new track whenever/if ever the reinstall a PeopleMover attraction. I think it would be a very big mistake to bank the curves and reinstate a Rocket Rods attraction. The capacity just isn't there and there's not as much movement as a PeopleMover because there's only one car going by every 30 seconds and it goes too fast for anyone to notice. Plus, the atmosphere entering Tomorrowland is so much more relaxed and pleasant with tons of slow-moving vehicles, as opposed to the Six Flags mentality of louder/bigger/faster is better.

                        It sure is frustrating having the PeopleMover in such stasis. Believe me, I miss the attraction just as much as anyone else and want it back more than anything. But it's been so long since we've had even a glimmer of hope that it seems that we'll latch on to anything, and I mean anything, that even resembles a new hope for the ride. I'm just trying to see it objectively without having my emotion cloud my perception.
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                          Re: Peoplemover updates...?

                          >>As much as we all want that ride back, we have to try to stop reading into the situation and assume the PeopleMover is not coming back any time soon. The 50th is doing exceptionally well and they might hold off on the PeopleMover until later now because when you're packing a park with 60,000 people,<<

                          Well ... I hardly think they could just open a "Peoplemover" within a few short months during the 18 month "50th" anyway.

                          I'm sure they are going over every single detail. All the logistics .. even one imagineer after another all bickering one has a better idea over the other .. which of course will slow down the design phase of such a new attraction. (Only when Walt was alive could he get his minions to move along efficiently!) - And while we are at it ... Can we all just get over this "Bringing Back" line - It's really get on my nerves folks!! LOL :lol:

                          The phrase "Bringing it back" would INFER that the 1966 squared-off white canopied 4-car trains would once again grace the same track.

                          We know that that is not going to happen.

                          HELLO :bang: .............

                          LISTEN UP MY DEAR MICECHATTERS ..........

                          DISNEY DEMOLISHED ALL BUT ONE OF THOSE 62 "1967" TRAINS. SO YER NOT GONNA SEE IT "COMING BACK" ALRIGHT??!!!! :captain: :blink: :bang: :rant: :vogue:


                          Gee ......

                          Whatever we see ...

                          It's going to be something NEW.



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                            Re: Peoplemover updates...?

                            ^he's right they might make it better


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                              Re: Peoplemover updates...?

                              New works for me ....... but they need to either get something on that track or take it down ...... otherwise it is at best just clutter, or worse, a painful reminder of how good things used to be and how bad they were allowed to become ..... a monument to the pre-Ouimet era .......
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