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February 2009 refurbs???


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  • [Question] February 2009 refurbs???

    I'm planning a trip with some friends to Disneyland sometime in the middle of February (only time we have off from school). I hear the weather is quite good, besides the random rain shower here and there.

    BUT, my biggest concern is the dreaded refurbishment schedule.

    I'm scared that my favorite rides might be down for refurb. I've been hearing rumors that POTC was suppose to close down in September, but, now it's not. Which, leads me to think it'll be down in Jan-Feb. Same with some other rides... Matterhorn, Indy, Space Mountain!

    So my question is, when does the 2009 refurb schedule go up? Will it be soon? Or will I have to wait a couple months. I want to book soon to get the best deal.

    Thanks in advance.

    - Jacob

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    Re: February 2009 refurbs???

    My B-Day is in the mid of Feb and a few friends of mine and I are planning a trip down to the Land, and I've been wondering the same thing. Any help would be much appreciated.
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      Re: February 2009 refurbs???

      No info for February is currently available, unfortunately. Mansion will return to normal operation by February, and Small World will debut in classic form in February as well.


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        Re: February 2009 refurbs???

        Originally posted by CacheJacob View Post
        I hear the weather is quite good, besides the random rain shower here and there.
        Really? Who told you that? February tends to be a more rainy month than others. Even in a drought period. If there's any rain, the bulk of it may happen in February. High winds and extreme cold, will usually happen in February.

        The freak heatwaves tend to occur in January if at all. February is usually a month, that, if there's any inclement will happen in February !
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          Re: February 2009 refurbs???

          This shows you the monthly averages for Anaheim. And yes... Feb. is one of the wettest months on average. But remember what averages are.... no more than guidelines. I've seen Feb be very warm (but usually toward the end of the month), or extremely cold. But be prepared for cold and wet.

          The Calendar on the Disney website that shows times/rehabs etc. usually only goes about three months in advance. Feb won't be up until the end of Nov. First part of Dec. most likely.

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            Re: February 2009 refurbs???

            Well, if I remember correctly, Feb isn't a month for refurbs...I think all rides will be up...but..

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