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Introducing myself and a kind of odd question...


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  • [Question] Introducing myself and a kind of odd question...

    Hey everyone, my name is Andrew and I have an AP. I live in vegas, but have a lot of friends in California because thats where I grew up. I usually make it out every couple of months, but this month the only person that will be going with me is my best friend. So that breaks it down, here are my questions...

    1) he purchased his AP online and has to go get it made for him, but does it start from the purchase date, or the first visit?

    2) With only two people (we usually have 4+) what are some things to do that I may have over looked for the past couple of years? Can we still have as much fun (that's kind of an odd question, I know).

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    Re: Introducing myself and a kind of odd question...

    First of all.....

    Welcome to MiceChat!!

    And as to your questions. I believe that the date the AP becomes active is the date it starts. In other words, the day he goes to the Bank of Main Street and gets the actual AP will be the anniversary date.

    And with only two people... um... I don't think the number of people makes much of a difference in the amount of fun you can have! Heck, I even go by myself sometimes and enjoy the heck out of it. Actually, it might be easier to agree on what to do and where to go with only two people. Sometimes large groups everyone wants to do something different. The important thing is do the stuff you want to do, and just have a great time!

    And if you are in the park on a Sunday, come by the Hub at noon and say hi! Theres always a few MiceChatters there every Sunday for the noon meets!

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      Re: Introducing myself and a kind of odd question...

      Thanks penguinsoda. Belive it or not, I avoid DL on the weekends like its the plauge. I also work in retail, so its much harder to get that time off, so for example I will be there Weds and Thurs of next week (leaving vegas tuesday and arriving back on friday).


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        Re: Introducing myself and a kind of odd question...

        Welcome to MiceChat!

        I can't answer the first question, but I can assure you there are tons of ways for 2 people to keep amused at DL. My husband and I go by ourselves almost as much as we go with friends, and we always have a good time. Sometimes it's just me and my daughter, or me and a friend, and I've never had any less fun or less to do just because there were only 2 of us. Sometimes it's much easier to navigate, decide, and conquer the parks when you only have 2 people calling the shots instead of 4.
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          Re: Introducing myself and a kind of odd question...

          Have a great time Andy and Welcome to MiceChat. PenguinSoda is correct, the pass should start from the day the AP is activated.

          Secondly, I actually have more fun with the LESS people that go with me. The more people you have the more chance someone will not like a ride so you won't get to go on it. Less people also means less bathroom breaks, less stops in stores to pick up a souvenier for Aunt Melba in Winnemucka, less disagreements on where to go, less hungry bellies. You get the point, the smaller the group the MORE you can do.

          Have fun!!



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            Re: Introducing myself and a kind of odd question...

            Actually, Saturdays have been the slowest days of the summer.

            Enjoy your stay!
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              Re: Introducing myself and a kind of odd question...

              Sweet, thanks for all the input everyone. It's just me and my best friend, so it should be pretty easy to figure out what we are doing (as we have a basic plan of attack laid out from xbox live chats, lol). Is there a thread or any rcomendations on things that might be "off the beaten path" to do at DL or DCA?


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