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  • Memories!

    I was surfing the web the other day..and i found this Memory Album on

    I think it'd be cool if we just sort of started a thread where you guys could leave your most treasured Disneyland memory. It could be either some kind of family/friend trip, some kind of interaction with a cool cast member, a MAGICAL moment, or just anything at Disneyland in general

    Disneyland is FULLLLL of happy, magical memories

    probably my BEST memory would be a couple months ago in June. i organized a trip to disneyland with 5 of my good friends. it was the week after school got out and my school gets out early so the crowds weren't THAT bad. We did an 8 AM - 12 AM trip. full 16 hours of fun!!! these people were people who don't go to Disneyland that often. I made sure i hit all the important ones and the historically important ones such as Tiki Room! I sort of also did a lot of narrating in lines and stuff..tell them interesting little historical tidbits and stuff. the best part came at night when we watched fireworks. watching their mouths GAPE open at the fireworks was AWESOME! when the fireworks done.. they were AMAZED . one of them even said.."that was worth $56 alone!" when we left the park, they were all saying thank u and telling me how they've never experienced Disneyland the way they did that day. They said it was much more magical!

    For me, I love the trips when i take someone to Disneyland and help them see it in a more magical, and enchanting way than just a regular ole theme park. Disneyland is an EXPERIENCE! I love sharing the Disney magic! :ap:
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    Re: Memories!

    Great thread!! Thank you for starting it!!!
    I think one of my favorite disneyland memories is the first time I brought my daughter to the park. It was state fair days (does anyone else remember that?). She was so awed at everything...including Mickey and Minnie, but then she won a HUGE pink bear! Can't remember what state fair game she was playing...The look on her face is one I will never forget! She was only 19 mos old on that trip but remembers almost everything!
    Any day at Disneyland is a Happy Day!!!! :ap:


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