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Space Mountain, Skyway attraction vehicles on eBay


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  • Space Mountain, Skyway attraction vehicles on eBay

    I don't know if any of you have seen this, but Disney is auctioning off 2 Space Mountain ride vehicles and 2 old Skyway buckets. Bidding is up in the thousands, but I think it would be well worth it to have a Skyway bucket in your living room! Too bad I don't have the money!

    Teal SkyWay bucket auction
    Blue SkyWay bucket auction
    Space Mountain car auction (#1)
    Space Mountain car auction (#2)

    Apparently, Disney will be having a lot of these auctions going on throughout the 18-month "Happiest Celebration on Earth" ...According to the DisneyInsider newsletter you can sign up for online, its in "honor of" the 50th Anniversary..

    I guess making more money off of us with peices of old attractions is something to celebrate?

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    There's also a "DISNEYLAND Happiest Celebration on Earth EXTRAVAGANZA" event up for bids on eBay as well -- it's an all inclusive vacation to both DisneyWorld (May 2-6) and Disneyland (around July 17th). Current Bid Price: $15,100!!!!!

    DISNEYLAND Happiest Celebration on Earth Extravaganza


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        oh if i only had the money!!!!! those would be great to have... set them up in the living room while you watch tv.. just great!
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          My friend got that Epcot sculpture! I'd love to have a SM car, but what do you do with it? Home Theater?
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            Turn the SM car into a kids bed, or make it into Home theater cabinet. Man I really want that thing the possibilities are endless on what you could do with it.
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              This isn't anything new, they have stuff like this every now and then. A few days ago some of the demons from Mr. Toad sold for $5000 a pop.


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