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Matterhorns forced perspective

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  • [Question] Matterhorns forced perspective

    This post is simply an observation that I've made. I'm curious if others have noticed the same thing.
    After reviewing various trip reports, updates and even my own vacation photos, I can't help but notice that the Matterhorn is looking smaller as the surrounding trees grow... especially when viewed from the hub. No doubt the Matterhorn was loftier looking when it first opened. Compare opening day photos of the Rivers of America or Jungle Cruise to today!
    Do we perhaps see a day where trees will be replaced/ transplanted/ cut back? If I'm not mistaken, Main Street USA has had taller trees removed too.

    Now if only I could get the trees in my yard to grow so well!

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    Re: Matterhorns forced perspective

    All trees in the resort are actually getting their trims after the one in NoS decided to drop a branch. NoS especially had some trimming, and it makes the park look a lot bigger. It's quite striking, actually.


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      Re: Matterhorns forced perspective

      I have always felt that the removal of the skyway had a major dwarfing effect on the Matterhorn. I'm not sure why.


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        Re: Matterhorns forced perspective

        Yeah, they have to keep the trees small around the mountain or it does start to look small. It's something I think they do every once in a while.
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