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Help with my trip in Oct

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  • [Question] Help with my trip in Oct

    So I will finally be getting the chance to make it back to Disneyland in October. I haven't been there since the day before the POTC 3 event in 2006, and that was a quick 1 day visit . This will be my girlfriends first trip as she has never been to DLR. Actually she has never been to any Disney park so this is her first Disney experience.

    We will be there starting on the 6th of October and I am curious as to what state the parks will be in. I have seen the rehab schedule and realize that we will have to deal with the cleanup of the Miley Cyrus thing on the 5th, but what parts of the parks will be under going construction? What will be ripped up?

    And waht should we be sure not to miss?

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    Re: Help with my trip in Oct

    The list of what not to miss will vary, depending on what kind of attractions you prefer, but my two absolute must-rides for any day in the park are Space Mountain and Indiana Jones. Obviously, both are on the thrilling side, but there are more gentle masterpieces like Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion to deeply enjoy as well. Unfortunately, the latter won't be open during your visit; you'll have to make do with the (IMO) vastly inferior Haunted Mansion Holiday. Big Thunder Mountain, the Matterhorn, and Splash Mountain are other fun ones, and the Jungle Cruise can be nice as well. Star Tours is showing its age, and the disconnect between the simulator moving and the images on screen can make some people sick, but it's a fun one, and it'll be totally overhauled in the near future, so you might not want to miss the chance before everything changes.

    And despite widespread dislike for Honey, I Shrunk the Audience among hardcore Disneyland fans, I will continue to insist that it can be fun for a fair number of people if you don't see it more than once every few years, especially if you don't want a long line and it's a hot day. On the rare occasions that I go in there, I see a lot of guests enjoying it. Not exactly a good rubric for the quality of an attraction, but...well, there it is.


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      Re: Help with my trip in Oct

      For sure it's a great day because it's Monday and usually October is pretty quiet and more sweeter on the weekdays.

      I love going to Disneyland during that time of the year.
      Halloween at Christmas is my kind of deal!



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        Re: Help with my trip in Oct

        thanks for the words of advice