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Belated Summer Trip Report


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  • Trip Report Belated Summer Trip Report

    I've been meaning to post my pictures for ages, but I'm only now getting around to it. I hope you enjoy a little trip in the time machine back to the end of July for my view of the happiest place on earth.

    Of course, before I headed to the park, there was one stop I had to make on my way in from the airport:

    Not only are the donuts delicious, but their pineapple muffins are to die for. But that was only a short distraction on my way to the park.

    Once into the park, it was a sharp left to Adventureland and the siren call that is Dole Whip.

    After I'd ingested both a Dole Whip and a churro, it was on to the Haunted Mansion. Sad to say, it had been three years since I'd been on the original! Not that I don't love my family's trips at Christmas time, but HMH gets old after a while.

    Then it was on to visit some old friends in Critter Country. I was lucky enough to get my pictures taken just before Eeyore and Pooh went in. I give thanks to the Cast Members who took pity on me after this huge group took ten minutes with each character taking pictures in every possible combination of children and adults (while ignoring the CMs).

    Pictures having been achieved, it was back to NOS for a ride on Pirates, complete with arty fountain shot.

    Fresh off my trip to the Caribbean, I decided to venture further abroad amongst the rivers of the world.

    Finally, a spin on Alice. This was actually the first ride I ever went on at Disneyland, at the age of six. And I still love it!

    I stayed in the park till late, but I didn't take many pictures that night. So it's onward and upward to the following day!

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    Re: Belated Summer Trip Report

    The following day was bright, sunny and amazingly uncrowded.

    This seems like a safety hazard, but it's one way to clear the crowds in Adventureland.

    Luckily, a Mickey pancake will make up for it. I always eat the ears first.

    Over to Big Thunder Mountain. I adore the theming, but the line often moves too fast to really appreciate it.

    Afterwards, it was over to DCA.

    And onto one of my guilty pleasures:

    It's the world's slowest ride, but it smells like watermelon and animal crackers. Thinking about it is making me hungry.

    The Wine Country Trattoria is one of my favorite places in the park. I only wish my roses would grow so well!

    I loved the Pixar Play Parade, but boy, did I get wet! The best part was a guy across the way who goaded every character into spraying his kids. Don't worry, he got soaked, too!


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      Re: Belated Summer Trip Report



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        Re: Belated Summer Trip Report

        July 25th was a very special day, as it was my parents' 32nd anniversary. While there was a very special dinner planned at Napa Rose, we had the whole day to get through first.


        I waited an entire cycle to make sure that I got on Jingles. This was the first time I'd ridden it after it was dedicated to Julie Andrews.

        And then...Monorail Red! Oh, it is shiny and new and oh so pretty! And guess where I got to ride on my first trip?

        All I had to do was ask, and I got to ride with the monorail pilot. We actually had a discussion about how they are pilots, not drivers. After all, the monorail is the 'highway in the sky'!

        I love the details!

        Back in the park, a visit to the little visited Snow White's Grotto. I was surprised how few people walked by here.

        It's a beautiful spot, especially when the music starts. A great, quiet Disney moment.

        Back to the Rivers of America and onto the Columbia. Who doesn't love a sailing ship?

        I had to sit on a trash can in the Plaza to get a good view of the parade. It would have been better if the characters had looked my way!

        Finally, we all went to Napa Rose for a delicious dinner, which included my favorite, hard to get wine: Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc. It was wonderful, and the staff there are always super friendly.


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          Re: Belated Summer Trip Report

          Great pictures and report! Cant wait to see the rest!


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            Re: Belated Summer Trip Report

            Saturday, we rose bright and early to head to one of my favorite Disney attractions: the Disneyland Railroad!

            Once again, a Cast Member gave us a little bit of Disney magic and allowed us to ride in the caboose. It's always fun to have a private car for a grand circle tour of Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom!

            After our tour, we disembarked in New Orleans Square for a sweet, Southern breakfast with a distinctly Disney twist. I must say, the beignets were the best I've had outside of New Orleans.

            Someone was watching over us at breakfast! Afterward, it was across the Rivers of America to Tom Sawyer's Pirates Lair Island (or whatever).

            Jack tried to steal our rings, and the pirate wench assumed that she could have our camera in exchange for taking our picture. Luckily, we managed to persuade them to rob the next tourists in line and retrieved our camera.

            Jack tried to warn us about the caves, but we decided to enter anyway.

            Of course, every time we tried to grab some pirate treasure, something (or someone) popped up to thwart us!

            So we hightailed it back across the river to try and find some new ghosts!

            I almost got an empty shot.

            Now, a few shots from DCA and the PPP:

            Luckily, this time we were watching the parade from the Trattoria's patio, so we didn't get wet. There's nothing better than watching other people get soaked while you enjoy a glass of wine and dessert.

            After dinner, it was over to the Tower of Terror.

            I love this fountain. The tile work is gorgeous, and is so perfectly art deco.

            Hmm...that doesn't bode well...

            Bunny Ears! I think this was the best of the ride photos. My dad and I rode on it three times in a row, with no line. Not too bad for a Saturday afternoon in July.

            I watched the parade in Paradise Pier, then decided to head over to Disneyland. I managed to outwalk the parade to DCA's entrance. Either I'm a fast walker or it's a very slow parade.

            Finally, a pretty shiny castle for my last night in the park.


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              Re: Belated Summer Trip Report

              Sunday morning meant my last day in the park. Luckily, the castle was shining in the morning sun to beckon me in.

              For our final morning, we took advantage of our early morning to take another spin through Fantasyland, including another ride on Jingles.

              Best thing about this ride? My mother and I were the only ones on it! It came in a close second to riding Pirates in my very own boat.

              After Fantasyland, it was off to Mickey's Toontown for some pictures with characters:

              Heading back to Main Street, we took another ride in the caboose.

              Across the Esplanade, we took a whirlwind trip across DCA to ride on our favorites one last time.

              Back in Disneyland, it was time for one last ride:

              and one last Dole Whip.

              Good-bye, Disneyland!


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                Re: Belated Summer Trip Report

                Very enjoyable photos! Dang, but I miss Randy's Donuts. My dad used to take me there in his little TR4. We'd get there all windblown from the ride up the freeway and eat sugar donuts to our heart's content.


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                  Re: Belated Summer Trip Report

                  Sounds and looks like you had a great time! Cool pictures...thanks for posting!
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                    Re: Belated Summer Trip Report

                    Great pictures! Thanks for sharing!


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                      Re: Belated Summer Trip Report

                      Loved it!


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                        Re: Belated Summer Trip Report

                        Great report! Love the pictures!
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                          Re: Belated Summer Trip Report

                          Wow! You've taken some really awesome pictures! What kind of camera do you have?? Of course, the camera is only as good as the eye behind it, and you've captured some really beautiful shots!

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                            Re: Belated Summer Trip Report

                            You lucky dog!!!!

                            A ride in Lily Belle AND Monorail Red!!!


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                              Re: Belated Summer Trip Report

                              Wonderful trip report. Great mix of black and white photos. Thanks so much for putting together a top notch report!


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