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The Ideal Disneyland Day


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  • [Chat] The Ideal Disneyland Day

    And excuses if this sounds like a long, long list of kind of is....but I figured, I would share what i tend to do at a typical day at the park, and others can chime in with their general activities as well...maybe inspire each other with things not normally done by everyone.

    In the morning before the main park opens, I tend to start out with a chocolate croissant and a orange juice or milk from the Main Street bakery, and sometimes try and get a photo of the various kitchen knickknacks behind the right side of the counter in natural lighting...yet to get a really good one of that, still. I then head over to the small side street in front of the locker rental, and eat while listening to the Dentist office and Hotel Marceline sound tracks, then over to the Disneyana and Magic shops to look around real quick before rope drop.

    Once into the park proper, I usually always veer left and straight through Adventureland, onto Indiana Jones, then Pirates, and a few spins on Haunted Mansion while I can walk right on and visit my favorite happy haunts. Of course, I tend to take pictures all along the way if things catch my eye. After Mansion, I may or may not do Splash Mountain, and depending on the time lately have been going over to catch the Bootstrappers set on TSI:PL. The band always amuses me and I have a fondness for sea chanteys, even if the setting isn't the best. Back over to the mainland and then I usually loop around to Big Thunder, and linger on the Fantasyland trail some by the old Nature's Wonderland bridge/pond, then around to do my favorite dark rides in Fantasyland, usually Snow White, Toad, and Alice. From there it's to Tommorowland, for Space Mountain or picking up a fastpass, and to duck into the pin store and look for HM or villians pins.

    This usually ends up being about lunch time, and I will most times head over to that other park for Tower of Terror a few times and possibly Monsters Inc., and get either a burger from the Taste Pilots or something at the pier bakery cafe. Back over to DL, this time for Tiki Room first and a quick browse of the Adventureland shops, onwards to Pirates and Mansion once more, followed by Splash Mountain if the line is agreeable, and wandering through the Frontierland stores. Usually this is followed by pretty random, directionless wandering and photo taking, a churro or funnel cake stop, and riding the Disneyland Railroad around the park. After this, it is usually about dinnertime and I either favor the new Cafe Orleans or Rancho Del Zocalo, followed up by HM yet again, and as it gets dark, night rides on Thunder, Jungle Cruise, and Nemo if the line isn't horrible...the first part of the ride I like a lot better at night, and the second part I can take or leave. After this, generally wander the NoS backstreets and peek into the Bat en Rogue shop, hoping they have some specific HM merch and not the usual Nightmare overload. If no fireworks, I will go likely on Pirates and Mansion once more, and browse shops and the like, sometimes sneaking in a last ride on HM before closing, and then heading out through the Emporim for a quick look before closing.

    What are your typical Disneyland habits and activites? Do share!
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    Re: The Ideal Disneyland Day

    In truth, I've been to Disneyland in all possible weather conditions, on days, off days, with my family and by myself. All experiences have truly been unique in their own special ways, and so I can only honestly say that the only ideal Disneyland day, is the day i am at Disneyland!
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      Re: The Ideal Disneyland Day

      My usual trip? Really? *Deep breath* Here we go...

      Get there sometime between 8:45 and 9:00.
      Watch the Mad Hatter and Alice's 9:00 meet and greet
      After they leave hang out on Main Street until the entrance show, where I meet up with a friend
      Sit at Coke Corner until the Castle Show
      Follow the character cart down Main Street, then meet up with another friend
      Do pretty much nothing until 1, when we watch another Hatter and Alice meet and greet, then hang out in fantasyland to watc the 1:30 one
      Go to Coke Corner and watch Musical Chairs, then sit and listen to the piano afterwards
      Get a spot for the parade (Usually a spot where the opening float stops)
      Do whatever until 6:30 when we go to our usual spot to see the opening float show stop in the second parade.
      Then do whatever we can until we go home.

      Though that makes it seem so normal...but yeah, most of the day is Hatter and Alice stuff.

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        Re: The Ideal Disneyland Day

        I love Disneyland when it is raining, so I do my best to hit the parks around that time. So here is my typical Disney day:

        Arrive @ 7:55 a.m.
        Eat breakfast at Carnation Cafe.
        Matterhorn, Splash, Thunder.
        More rides.
        Lunch at Plaza Inn.
        Rides ride ride.
        Lots of more rides.
        Dinner around 9:00 p.m.
        Watch fireworks.
        More rides.
        Leave around 12:15 a.m.
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          Re: The Ideal Disneyland Day

          I don't really have a set timeline when I go to the park, luckily I have an AP and visit at least once a week so I can pick and choose what I want to do. There are only two things I have to do on all my trips to the park - get a Mickey pretzel with cheese and see The Enchanted Tiki Room.

          After that, if I'm on my own I just go on rides (mostly always hit Mansion, Pirates). If I'm eating lunch I tend to go to the Golden Horseshoe, preferably when Billy Hill and the Hillbillies are playing, and get the chicken strips with apples instead of fries. If I'm with friends then we'll just roam around going on whatever rides don't have too long of a wait.


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            Re: The Ideal Disneyland Day

            My ideal day is any day that I'm there the whole day and into the night + a dole whip!
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