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First Ever Trip Report from Half-Marathon wknd!


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  • Trip Report First Ever Trip Report from Half-Marathon wknd!

    Greetings from a Jolly toad! This is my first trip report - hopefully the first of many if I can learn how to take pictures. I like to think I've got a good eye, I just have not learned all the settings on my picture taker :monkey: Members of our party: Me (Kyle), my girlfriend (Monica), and a friendly monkey (Peevs).

    Empty flight to LAX

    Great excitement!

    This old boy even got his own seat...

    This digs weren't too bad, a little too far down the street, but not bad.

    This was our first day, Thursday 8/28...just some goofy grins, getting excited about the weekend!

    Classic location

    I was thinking, if they don't already, replicas of these adventurous signs should be sold in the parks.

    The lush vegetation bordering Adventureland and Frontierland. We all like to say Disneyland in the days of age was a much grander place, but if you watch those old videos, and peruse those old photos, you will notice the grounds were very bare. Bare bones, as they say.

    This, friends, is the fast pass machine responsible for dispensing the fortune card I previously spoke about. The matter has yet to be resolved, or less, explained!

    Just some old friends, greeting visitors as they cross the bridge into Adventureland.

    There he is

    I just liked the way this one came out for some reason?

    A number of years ago, as can be read in the appropriate thread, I fell from this bridge...

    Monica making a mockery of my accident!

    If you look closely, you can still see a stain or discoloration on the ground where I crumpled. Or it may just be some lemonade?

    Nice view

    For those of you who have watched the old "Day at Disneyland" video, an appropriate quote for this picture might be, It's a bloomin' crows nest! And there's the captain himself!

    Petrified wood, huh huh

    Big Thunder was a long line this weekend for some reason, not too sure why? Back in 2000 I was riding this and lost my visor. I rode a couple more times with the hopes I could reach it. Just out of reach. I put in the claim, and in a month or so a padded envelope arrived at my estate with Disneyland on the return label. That orange A&F visor was back in my hands!

    No claim jumpin'!

    View from the gardens

    I liked this one! The foreign guest who took this for us was keen enough to get the castle, the Partners, and ourselves in a nice little scale.

    They really work! I wonder how many postcards are deposited into these boxes each day?

    Whenever people ask me what sets Disneyland apart from other theme parks in my mind, I tell them, it's in the details.

    **Many more photos to come**
    Ah, how strange! The molecules are so active now!

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    Re: First Ever Trip Report from Half-Marathon wknd!

    Awesome First Trip Report!!!!

    Cannot wait for more!


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      Re: First Ever Trip Report from Half-Marathon wknd!

      Fantastic!! Love the First Time Trip Report!


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        Re: First Ever Trip Report from Half-Marathon wknd!

        Yes Mice Chatting Friends, this is Oscar, one of, if not the Cast Member with the longest running career at the park. He made a fantastic breakfast! Although, I think he pretty much pals around these days and has help in the kitchen.

        These guys were rather saucy with guests. They would not give good reason for the man-made barricade, but were singing a strange song that was awfully catchy..."we're on our way to Dover..." something like that.

        Engine #1, rolling!

        I always look like a clown in pictures, but other than that, not bad!

        Have you seen this? Asian tour groups used to roll up half a dozen park maps to create a pointer, hoist it high above their head, and march through the lands...this group was not savvy to said operation thus forcing them to use umbrellas.

        The majestic Matterhorn was more bumpy than ever on this trip, and we loved it!

        I am going to practice my hand signals for next time!

        I still argue that Adventureland be the best of all lands.

        A little recognition for Imagineering great, Marc Davis.

        Hiya, Pal!

        Cruella was mad about something...

        Two Goofs, out on the town

        Monica loves dogs

        Interesting pose? We walked up and I was wearing my Shore Line Surf Mafia Shirt (nice point in Santa Cruz, CA) and Pluto went ape! I couldn't figure out what he was trying to say or the longest time...then, oh! He wanted us to pose as if we were doing some wave riding.


        Ain't that the truth?

        Everyone adorned their hard hats and headed down below

        I am a little upset here, I'll tell ya why, we never made it to Endor! I have been trying to get there for 2 decades, always passing the Endor moon.

        For the cynics, a little chipped paint...

        They told us the ear wiggling meant danger...I actually saw a lady's ears wiggle over by the French fry cart a little later that day and ran for it...only to get caught in a cigarette smoke cloud towards the petting zoo and get lost.

        Not a bad record...


        It's amazing how well polished the hand rails become on Disneyland attractions

        Now, it appears Bert is having a Jolly Holiday, but old lady Poppins looks a little sour?

        We ran into Mr. Lightyear and he told us to get to Astro Blasters right away. I wasn't sure why...

        Gleaming in the sunlight...

        They needed us! Emperor Zurg was running amok!

        Ah, how strange! The molecules are so active now!


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          Re: First Ever Trip Report from Half-Marathon wknd!

          Capt. John Hench, why is Space Mountain so cool?

          Space Mountain is in a tight race for favorite ride, it's got Midway Mania and Indy to compete with at the moment.

          Monica making her way to the space port...

          Hey there he is! Indiana was not a bad look alike, he was roving all over, even had a bogus fight on the Tarzan bridge.

          Love this weathervane....but is that the only focal point? No friends, it is not. Notice slightly above to the right, there is a reverse orb, a small dark spot.

          Question for the Disneyland enthusiasts, I read somewhere that Disney purchased a small end table type furnishing from a source that claimed it belonged to a Witch. It is said the table is located in the attraction some where, any truth to this?

          We are here after the Half Marathon and it was delicious!

          I almost had it!

          I tried a little harder, but with no avail...

          VIP what?? Funny story, we bought these at DCA after riding the Hollywood Tower Hotel - we wore them around the rest of the trip and people were always checking them out, asking about them, a guy at the running expo even let us go out a different door (short cut) and made the other people behind us go around, after looking at our "passes" True story!

          Hola! Me llamo Susie!

          Fireworks, front row!

          These guys were out cold!

          Princess Minnie

          I am a little embarrassed in this photo friends, I don't quite have the courage of friend Luke and Cap'n Hooks yet...

          Aside from Walt Disney, this is my main man makes me sad that guests have put so much gum in his mouth that the paint is really starting to peel off.

          View from below...

          Back to the pose thing...what???

          Hey I'm Wall-E!

          My brother Ryan, a former MC'er has this poster in his abode.

          Where the palm trees grow...

          They should pump out fake fog to make it look more like home!

          Nice night


          You'll need these...

          Acting goofy

          Excited, first time on the new ride!

          I tried, I tried to get a good one...failure.

          We need more practice!

          **RACE PHOTOS TO COME**
          Ah, how strange! The molecules are so active now!


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            Re: First Ever Trip Report from Half-Marathon wknd!

            Great report, so far! Can't wait to see the rest of it.


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              Re: First Ever Trip Report from Half-Marathon wknd!

              Heck of a first trip report! I love the commentary and the great mix of pictures. Thanks and I will eagerly anticipate the finale!


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                Re: First Ever Trip Report from Half-Marathon wknd!

                Nice report - I'm looking forward to the rest.


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                  Re: First Ever Trip Report from Half-Marathon wknd!

                  5K, I ran this one with Monica as a warm-up for the half marathon the next day. It turned out to be a nice jog with some great photo ops.

                  Pardon the expressions, it was early!

                  Crowds behind us mounting...

                  Hotel in the back ground

                  Number hanging off, amateur status

                  Monica running

                  If you were at either of the races, you saw this guy! He was Snow White in the half.

                  A little back stage

                  Crazy hair

                  Look at those quads!

                  Control to bridge

                  Just keep swimming!

                  Mile marker 1, we just cruised 9.5's or so the whole way.

                  This master of the janitorial arts was blocking us from running down the tunnel that leads to Disney World in FL.

                  Hoist the riggings!

                  Then I fell, down down down...


                  Rolling through Adventureland

                  Hey fellas


                  Buzz pointed in our direction and motioned us for a photo

                  To infinity...

                  Woody became jealous and needed to get in on it...There's a snake in my boot!

                  **Half Marathon up next**
                  Ah, how strange! The molecules are so active now!


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                    Re: First Ever Trip Report from Half-Marathon wknd!

                    Great report so far! Can't wait to see the rest!
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                      Re: First Ever Trip Report from Half-Marathon wknd!

                      Get to your corral soldier!

                      Getting loosened up

                      Feeling pretty good

                      See ya at the finish line!

                      Daisy apparently was talking noise about Minnie and so she was leaning in for a better listen

                      Monica caught a picture just after the first place guy came in, 1:08, that is about a 5:14 mile pace

                      Go go go!

                      So close!

                      That guy may have more calf separations than me, but I still clowned on him!

                      And the crowd gasped...

                      I'm done!

                      For those Office fans out there who saw Andrew Bernard's predicament, I suffered the same thing as my bib-pin was a little too high and to the right!

                      Name: Kyle Anderson
                      Ended up running a 1:50:57, averaging 7:45-8:23 per mile for 13.1
                      Over place 700-something out of 14,000 (approx) entered, and about 11,000 that actually finished.

                      After it was all said and done

                      A couple randoms for ya...

                      Soarin just makes me feel good, anyone else?

                      Hey there friend!

                      A little representation for X

                      There's always gotta be one of these!

                      This ride was top-notch!

                      Monica stole a sip...

                      ...but we are still friends!

                      I like these kind...

                      Some of the vegetation...

                      My last name is Anderson so...

                      I would like a monster size poster of this, anyone know if they are avail?

                      By the end of the trip, I wanted to join these guys!


                      MTA and an Asics

                      Just before crossing into Fantasyland, the original, or at least once though, geographic center of the park

                      Yes ladies and gentlemen, this is for real. this lady had a wig that was gray over-sized curls on top, and medusa-style tentacles coming out from underneath. Wild ain't it?

                      Some animal friends...

                      Look at that mouth!

                      I didn't get very good images of the fireworks because I was too busy enjoying them!

                      Monorail Blue teasing us, as it still needed to reach that 40mi before guests could ride. Notice the cooler up front to combat the hellish temperatures this thing generates...not!

                      This made me sad. Look at that wood. Fix it.

                      I had a good laugh over this flag, not sure why, it was just funny

                      A view through the Princess shop in Fantasyland


                      **ONE MORE WAVE OF PHOTOS**
                      Ah, how strange! The molecules are so active now!


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                        Re: First Ever Trip Report from Half-Marathon wknd!

                        A few friends of mine...

                        The one and only!

                        *I hope you all enjoyed the photo report. I think the pictures do a lot of explaining but for those not sure, I will be following up later with a written description of the wonderful weekend we had!

                        Thank You for reading!
                        Ah, how strange! The molecules are so active now!


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                          Re: First Ever Trip Report from Half-Marathon wknd!

                          Awesome TR and pics!!! Thanks for sharing your trip with us


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                            Re: First Ever Trip Report from Half-Marathon wknd!

                            :lol: Great pictures!! Wonderful shots and wonderful commentary!

                            What motel did you stay at that room actually looks really nice!

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                              Re: First Ever Trip Report from Half-Marathon wknd!

                              Great trip report! I enjoyed your pictures and dialog.


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